Why do we celebrate valentine's day | Valentine’s day date

Why do we celebrate valentine?

Celebrating love doesn’t need a special day. Nevertheless, it is important to make your loved ones feel special on occasions with grand gestures and wonderful moments, which eventually become sweet and adorable memories. Valentines’ day is that one particular day, where you can scream out loud from atop a building and let your loved ones know, how much they mean to you. But how did valentines’ day come into effect.

Well, one of the most popular stories behind it being celebrating the power of love. In the olden times, a St. Valentine stood up for lovers in an oppressed state and fought for their rights. He was known to marry them in secret ceremonies at a time when it was banned by the government. When the government found out, they executed the patron of love.
Valentines’ day is celebrated to commemorate the late man and his faith in love, by all lovers across the world.

Valentine Week

Valentines’ day is just one day in the entire valentine week. A week-long celebration for your beloved is just the least that one could do. To make it more special, you can either follow the general traditional names of the days, or use it as a spin off adding your own twist to give it that factor of surprise.

1. Rose Day


Roses have been symbolised as the flower of expression for centuries now. With each colour of rose signifying a particular emotion, you can gift your beloved with roses on the 7th of February every year. Red signifies eternal love, whereas the rare black rose symbolises never dying commitment. If you have been friends with your beloved for a long time, you can even pick out a flower arrangement that comprises red and yellow.

2. Propose Day


The day after Rose day is the Propose day which falls on the 8th of February every year. What would be a better way to tell your crush that you love them, other than on propose day? Express your feelings with an amazing gesture, that would sweep them off their feet.

3. Chocolate Day


February 9th marks the beginning of chocolate day. Chocolates have been regarded as one of the options for gifts since centuries and this day of the valentine’s week is dedicated to letting people know how important they are to you by gifting them chocolates. With customised boxes and labels, you can make it extra special.

4. Teddy Day


February 10th is celebrated as teddy day. Either partner can gift it away and it is not necessary that it should be a teddy bear. Any soft toy that conveys the warmth and comfort of a partner, should be gifted to remind them that they will always be around. Isn’t that thoughtful? You could make an extra effort to build them a soft toy from scratch such that it embodies all the tender, love and care that you would shower on them. it is just pure love and so much more.

5. Promise day


Promises mean so much to people. It is the 11th day of February when you can express your devotion to your loved ones by promising them that you would be by their side, be it during bad or good times. Promises are meant to be kept and ensure that you do that for your beloved. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

6. Hug Day


What better way to let someone know that they are loved and cared for, if it is not a hug? Hugs are warm, fuzzy and comforting. Hugs speak a thousand words that cannot be given a shape to. However, if it is one of those bear hugs which make your partner forget everything around them on the 12th day of February, we promise they won’t be complaining!

7. Kiss Day


If there was a seal of stamp that could be used for love, kisses would win hands down. That sounds hopelessly romantic, but isn’t that what kisses are all about, expression of love? You have loved them forever, you have proposed to them and have done everything that says that they mean the world to you. Seal it with a kiss on 13th February which is celebrated as the kiss day. It represents passion, affection, love and most importantly, your commitment to the partner. Did you know there is a list of different kissing styles that you could try? Surprise them.

8. Valentines’ Day


The last day of the valentines’ week is the Valentines’ day which falls every year on the 14 th of February. Dedicated to love and eternal romances, this day is one of a kind and it is when you should go all guns blazing to express your love for your partner. Be it the romantic trifecta of dinner, date and dancing or any other conventional tradition, make sure that you let them know, how much you love them.


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