24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear

Dressing gracefully is an art in itself. Most women are not able to correctly judge the apparels they should go for. There are lot of factors that should be considered while choosing attire. Few of the factors to be considered are:

  • Your body type
  • Your age
  • Your complexion
  • Nature of your job and many more.

Out of these factors, the age factor is very crucial. As most of women are not ready to accept that they are aging!! Here we will be discussing about the attires that a woman above 30 should go for.It is very obvious that you cannot wear all the trendy and funky stuff that you used to wear in college days, once you are 30. The reason being that by this your body undergoes a great change in shape due to obvious reasons. But that does not mean that you cannot look sexy and stylish after 30. You can continue to be the centre of attraction by choosing gracious and cool outfits for yourself.Let us start looking at things that you should go for after 30:

  • Body Con dresses

Body con dresses are most suited for women above 30 as there body is now curvier.

  • American Eagle jeans

These jeans look good on chubby ladies and not on skinny girls.

  • Leggings/jeggings

You can go for jeggings (leggings which look like jeans) or leggings as they make you look a bit younger and in shape.

  • Snapbacks

Snapbacks are one of the most suitable accessories you may go for. It looks great when worn by mature women.

  • Sneakers

Sneakers are forever. You can any time go for sneakers.

  • Large hoop earrings

As your face becomes a bit bold at 30, you should go for large earrings to enhance its beauty. It gives you bold and dominating look.

  • Bright eye shadows

Bright eye shadows are most suitable for women after 30.

  • See Through Shirts

Just because you are in your thirty’s doesn’t mean you should avoid semitransparent tops or shirts. Just whoop it up with see through shirts and flaunt your glorious body.

  • Kitty Prints

You can look for whimsical kitty prints to adorn graceful look at your early thirty’s.

  • Comic Apparel

These apparels are available in grown up sizes and you can also wear these comic and fandom apparel.You can rock with Spiderman hat or adult size wolverine hoodies.

  • Slogan or Holy Tees

You can look witty and adorable by wearing slogan tees. Holy tees are considered as best part of pride.

  • Maxi dresses

You can try adorable maxi dresses to enhance you look and appearance in public outings.

  • Over sized Sunglasses

Sunglasses can be worn at any age as this is the best tool that helps you prevent from harmful UV and sunrays. Oversized glasses also help you look beautiful.

  • Fringe

Wearing fringe is a great fun. This is really a cute dressing concepts that make you look cute and pretty.

  • Sparkly Makeup

Glitter make up never gets old and every woman with any age can wear sparkly makeup to look gorgeous.

  • Colourful Sneakers

Wearing funky sneakers is like unexpectedly fun footwear. Sneakers offer you comfort and style both.

  • Strappy tanks and halter tops

These tops can be worn at any age as it looks good on all body types.

  • Flower Crowns

You can wear headbands of flower crowns to look beautiful.

  • Skinny Jeans

By wearing skinning jeans you will realize that you are living best part of your life.

  • Long Boots

If you live in a cold city then age is not the barrier. You can wear long boot with fur to look beautiful.

  • Kurties

You can wear kurties available in various styles and prints in market to enhance your look.

  • Tunics

If you have chubby body and more weight on butt, then you should wear tunics to cover the extra weight and make the overall body appearance and weight balanced.

  • Palazzo

Some ladies gain weight after delivering child and they get more weight on hips and thighs, they can team up their kurties and tunics with palazzo to maintain their look.

  • Long Skirts

Long skirts suit on every woman of any age as it offers a classic and glamorous look to wearer. Women at age 30 or more can team it up with kurties to maintain their grace and beautiful look.


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