Learn to Say No and get Successful in your Life

Saying "NO" to something or someone requires real guts and clarity on our part...... we end up saying yes to everything and to everyone just to please all or with whatever compulsion we have in our lives and continue harming our own self. We, however, don't have to be rude or selfish while saying No to anyone. Circumstances & conditions could be handled even sensitively and logically in a smarter way.

We must have our priorities in life clear and do things that are aligned with our vision. Such a thing only comes when we have clarity in our thoughts.


It's a very useful & productive idea for every one of us who look forward to living a life of freedom. I could really connect with this concept that I got from a podcast by Siddharth Rajshekar, hence sharing it here for the benefit of all.


For the Clarity in life, it requires us to sit and think about it, as to :


1) What we want to do and where do we want to go in life?

2) Do we want to live a robotic life, like Eat, work & sleep?

3) What do I want out of my life?

4) Who do I want to serve?

5) What kind of legacy I want to leave behind?

6) What kind of impact do I want to create in the world?

7) What new innovation or disruption I want to do in my work or industry?

8) What actually drives me?

9) Do I want something long or just short term?


Knowing these above will only give us the power, purpose, conviction & clarity in life.


For becoming success we must win over our temptations. There was a real-life study done on some kids and it's popularly known as a Marsh Mellow test, it proved that those kids who could not resist for even 10min were not so successful in their lives whereas those who could fight the temptations were found to be super successful.


We must exercise the power to say NO & live more FREE, fulfilled purposeful, powerful, meaningful and enjoying life for ourselves, our families and loved ones.


Saying No can get us time for ourselves to learn and grow, whereas not saying so, will eat away our productivity, self-growth & independence. We suffocate and live a suppressed and depressed life by not learning to say No.


The followings were the tips for 3 P's by Siddharth where we must be aware of how to handle situations and learn to say No as per our life values.


  1. People: Relatives, Friends and all such people who do not value us and our time.

  2. Project: Jobs could be tricky but one can always find ways to say no if it is not in alignment with the job conditions. But for that, we must be master at what we do and do it correctly or else we may end up saying yes to everything in order to compensate for our inefficiency. Consulting & Business we could know when and where to say No to Vendors, Customers or even to opportunities that are not fit or suitable or to the requirements from various departments such as HR, Sales, Purchase and such areas.

  3. The phone is the biggest villain in our life as far as managing time is concerned. Getting accessible to everyone all the time could prove tough. Hence it is advisable to discipline ourselves when to take calls/ when to respond to messages. How much time to consume on social media apps and so on. These should be minimised and say No to all such things and if nothing then to the notifications at least.


Following all the above can tremendously help us raise our productivity and achieve our goals in life.


Rajesh Pandey

(Chief Editor)


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