Long Awaited Judgement

While everyone was waiting with bated breath about Ayodhya Verdict from the Honourable Supreme Court of India, none expected it by 9th Nov.

It was commendable efforts by the Court, they ultimately had to take up the normal judicial process of court hearing after multiple efforts of negotiation and settlement failed on all fronts.

The case was abandoned for years altogether in indecisive mode due to non-serious and non-consistent approach of the administration. The concerned authorities always feared trouble from both sides and hence they always had the tendency to put things on hold & postpone. We all know, such situation when left unattended, is never healthy and has the dangerous potential of putting the lives of many innocent people at risk. History is filled up with such events when issues were not handled with transparency and clarity, brought frustrations & unrest in people giving rise to rebel posing threat to any society.

In case of Ayodhya too, all the past history of events finally turned it to the route of law, where the only hope for Peaceful and amicable solution was visible. The case, however, was pending before the court for years altogether, but the court realised the situation was getting grim and took a wise decision of putting the trial on the fast lane. Both the parties were asked to present their case in a logical manner and give their arguments and evidences in the best way that they could. Party favouring Mandir always claimed that the place belongs to their revered God Ram’s birth. Many evidences and proofs from the excavation of the sites were shown to earlier courts, which clearly showed that the mandir existed in history. On the other side, the party favouring Mosque showed their portion of proofs for proving that the place was used for offering namaz and their religious activities. The updates about the daily arguments in the court were visible to the public thru print as well as electronic media.

The strength of India’s judicial system is that it favours no one but the law. It acknowledges valid proofs and follows a system with logic and transparency. It is therefore that both the party expressed their full faith in the Indian judicial system and finally agreed to accept the verdict.

The judgement coming in favour of Ramlala needs to be taken in the same context. Very truly all responsible citizens of India including our Prime Minister openly said that the verdict must not be used to arouse the sentiments and create disturbances. The judgement must be considered as a process of law which was rendered thru a strict system that helps reach the truth and give judgement. The judgement comes with the utmost balance that our honourable judges could maintain and it’s really appreciable.


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