Ayodhya case - Sunni Wakf board to withdraw their case?

Uncertainty on Ayodhya causing Excitement, Tension and restlessness

As per Honourable Supreme Court, the arguments on Ayodhya case will cease by today and the court will work to give final judgement based on whatever discussed and documents or proofs collected so far. However today is the last day, the excitement was evident on the peak when Advocate from Muslim side tore the court papers in rage and was reprimanded by the judge for his act.

The situation has become so fluid as of now that each party wants to put their weight in whatever way to gain, however they are also contemplating ideas to do something that the case gets delayed somehow or the other. From reliable sources, it is gathered that the desperation is such that the Sunni wakf board which is on muslim’s side is believed to have filed papers saying that they are ready to leave claim for the place. Some are taking as a win for the Hindus side whereas some see it as delaying tactics.

Come what may, the final verdict would come by the evening from the court. The country citizen would be clear only then about the stand being taken by the court.

The day to day hearing has generated lots of heat and interest equally amongst the followers and the opponents of Ram Janm Bhoomi. Every news on this gets highlighted and at times some news comes with additional spice to get into unnecessary gossip and discussions. All the development so far has been as per the court guidance and everyone is hoping that the case leads to some kind of permanent solutions with a convincing verdict based on the vital proof that is submitted by both the parties.

Dirt-Sheet urges everyone to behave as a true citizen and respect the court orders whether it is in your favour or not. Our main concern should be to make sure that peace prevails and life moves on. Our country India is a true secular country where we are taught not only to respect each religion but also to live with it too. Thousands of years of our history speaks volume about it and each of us Indians is proud of it. Whatever verdict it maybe we wish humanity peace and happiness.


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