Sex has been the Taboo subject in our society. However ancient India is known to have more liberal, open and even scientific view on the subject.
Khajuraho and many more evidences prove that s

x was not suppressed and was not a subject of hush hush things in the past in our civilization. The present outcome could be the result of multiple situations and circumstances that may have been encountered by the people of our country by large in the history.

Sex is not to be suppressed and many wrong trend needs to be corrected to bring the right attitude towards this subject. This is not possible by avoiding to talk about it but in fact discussing about it more. Many wrongs in the society, many deseases are the culmination of the wrong perception framed for sex.
Off late, as the modernization arose people are becoming independent and free thinkers and hence opening up on the subject. Today Sex education is being taught in schools even in villages now. Knowledge about Sex hygiene, sanitary napkins, family planning tools are being spread and spoken about without hesitation. The Dirt Sheet wants to keep up this trend and invite open minded people to post their views about it. You are free to suggest topics in this regard as well. The co-ordinating team would evaluate your content and would be glad to publish it here. All you need is to maintain the decorum and decency of the subject and express yourself with the idea of contributing towards this cause.

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