Are the hippies of the '90s of any interest to the youngsters of today?

The 90’s hippie culture was all about quirky fashion, unfiltered emotion and the concept of less is more. Both men and women in the hippie trip wore jeans and kept lengthy hair, wore slippers, or went barefooted. Men often got beards and women declined to wear makeup and inner garments. They wore brilliantly colored clothes in unique styles which involved bell-bottom jeans, tie-dyed clothes, vests, dashikis, skirts and blouses, and those popular hippie headbands which they used from the Native Americans. Moreover, they selected styles from Indian, Asian, African, and Latin American societies.

Hippies were known for using handmade clothing because their ideas involved challenging corporate culture. Because of this, they not only got to make clothes; they bought them from flea markets and second-hand shops. These bohemians made significant attempts to cause change which we observe throughout. They ventured to show themselves through demonstrations and new ways of communicating. They decided to apply their concept of the world and life to everything around them.

How has the culture impacted today’s youth?

These people who strongly believed in love and freedom were called hippies. These concepts were the root of the hippie culture, and the hippie movement with this foundation of beliefs has stood the test of time up until today.

In today’s youth, such traits are observed. With fashion being purchased from flea markets, hand bands made quite a comeback in the lives of the youngsters today. Hippie fashions and values completely changed our culture, inspiring music, television, writing, and languages as well as morals and spiritual beliefs. As you might guess, tons of hippie clothes, ideals, and other features of hippie art have become part of our mainstream society today.

From church steps to social heterogeneity, the theories have been received more in today's generation. The hippie music celebrations are only one of the many celebratory ways we cover the consequences of the hippie culture in contemporary times.

Now when we look at the style aspect of the hippie movement, things like bright tie-dye t-shirts and bell-bottom jeans, and even Boho tribal-styled skirts come to mind. The hippie inclinations and fashions of the 90s have persevered and made it to the twenty-first century. The hippie move along with its beliefs and style trends has remained up until today making it almost a century old.


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