The Dirt-Sheet – What is it all about ?

The Dirt-sheet, the name comes with a quirky flavour of humour, bringing an unconventional, unorthodox place with absolutely unusual, strange or some bizarre & at times even weird but with valuable news and information. It’s an adda for people who are aware, who are concerned about the society, people who want to make changes by becoming the change themselves. People who want to contribute for the society or want to become successful themselves. People who want to share their successes as well as failures, just everything they want under the sun.

The Dirt-sheet is not the place to wash dirty linen of people in public but yes it is a place where you can open yourself as your true self. You not only speak for the issues that concerns the world, you can even raise issues that needs attention. Here you can be as expressive as you can, without bullying or without insulting anyone. The Dirt-sheet is a place where the democracy functions in it’s true form. People decide what is right what is wrong. The Dirt-sheet is people’s place.

The team managing The Dirt-sheet have thoughtfully chosen the heads and the topics that is hot and relevant to most of the generations. Be it millennial or the people from old book of thoughts, The Dirt-sheet is meant to please all. The place is destined to become extraordinarily popular that will attract institutions and people who want to reach to the masses and get to their nerves.

The structure & system is designed to be interactive to the core. The Dirt-sheet is neutral in all sense and does not want to impose or promote any thoughts or ideas here on this platform, however it is very clear that whatever is done here should not be directed to hurt anyone’s sentiments or to provoke and raise tempers. The Dirt-sheet team will make sure that the registered members maintain civilized decorum on the site while expressing themselves or responding to someone. This is definitely going to become a place where moods of the people will get reflected.