Corona resurfacing back with greater danger or it's just an unfounded fear?

There is a spread of a novel coronavirus that is causing devastation in the world. Every day numerous cases have been promulgated by the health officials

People are truly talking about coronavirus stress in terms of the anxiety of an unfound fear. The regular news about the pandemic can seem ruthless. Whether it be today's statistics on mortality and new facts, new social rules set down by the Government or the most advanced public figure to go down with the virus. It appears to be the one point of discussion on social media. We have social distancing and for many a sense of being confined within one's place. In the recent past, things seemed to get back to better terms as the numbers were decreasing and many countries did declare corona Free State. However, with the onset of the summers, the cases are again rising all over the world. In India, many states have again declared lockdown.

The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests immediate isolation for all presumed and likely cases of SARS to control the spread, as it lessens contact with other people.

Nevertheless, for caretakers of sick patients with flu-like signs of presumed SARS cases, some homecare precautionary steps must be taken so that the whole family living in the very house is not affected further. The subject may be given a different room away from the rest of the family, to heal. Home and personal health must be moved up with cleansing actions such as washing hands, cleaning clothes, and washing the floor to keep the surroundings clean. Researchers are hopeful that the Covid-19 antibody tests may help the world control the pandemic. However, the World Health Organisation has revealed ambivalence over the effectiveness of the tests. With the recent vaccines in the market, safety is still not long-term. There is no assurance that if you have antibodies against the coronavirus then you are safe. You could still be at risk even if you are resistant to the virus. Although the past few months witnessed a slight decrease in the count. The rate is seemingly increasing with each passing day now. Hence the existing scenario is very complicated and one cannot just say that Coronavirus is an unfounded fear. It surely is resurfacing with proposed danger and with a lot of uncertainty nothing can be concluded on its state or eradication.


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