Business or Job: what is right for you?

Business Vs Job- What would be better for me? Well, there are so many people who have been asking the same question with themselves again and again. Well, this is tricky to decide what to choose. “What is actually good for you” depends on your dreams, financial condition, and preferences. You should compare some basic factors to find out the answer to this question.

1) Money

As a business owner, you work for yourself and you can make unlimited money. As a salaried person, you have a fixed salary and you have to wait a lot for a hike. Business is a better option in terms of making money as compared to a job. 

2) Risk

If you are having a job, you have a sense of security of getting a fixed salary every month and if one company fires you, other companies will hire you. But, if you put all your efforts and money into a business after quitting a job, you cannot be hired by an employer if you fail in business.

3) Efforts

You have to put your best efforts to take your business to next level and you have to make many compromises, take your own decisions, and take many risks in business as compared to people in jobs. We can say, you can choose a job if you are looking for an easier option. Own business is harder than doing a job for a company.

4) Freedom

Everyone wants to be a boss and you cannot be the one by having your own business or organization. You can have the freedom to set your rules, deadlines, working hours, working area, and tasks.

5) Learning

You will learn many new skills and get more information about different aspects of life when you start your own business. As an employee, you can learn how to do best in the office and how to get a promotion. As a business owner, you have to learn more than this. You have many challenges to overcome and many things to do. You have to become multi-tasking and work 24/7 for your business. You become more creative, smart, and intelligent when it comes to run a business that is started by you.

6) Responsibility

As an employee, your responsibility is to complete and manage the only task that is assigned to you. As a business owner, you have to manage processes, employees, expenses, clients, and many such things. You have more responsibilities as a business owner as compared to a person in a job.

7) Security

Successful business owners feel safer than successful employees.

8) Satisfaction

Professional satisfaction comes when you make your dreams come true. Most people do not want to do a job in their 40s or 50s as they want to start something and work for themselves. Having your own business brings that satisfaction.


There are some factors that help you choose the best option. You should look into the factors like passion, personal attitude, personal growth, self-capability, intellectual growth, security, comfort, and money.


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