This section here in the Dirt Sheet has been very carefully designed with an intent to bring goodness & joy in everyone's life. The section is very very powerful, it can help you clear your

guilt in life if you are living with it and suffering internally. Guilt stops your development and progress in life. It takes away the peace from your life and fills your life with restlessness & disturbances.

It is about something that you might have done in the past but it still haunts you today and you feel bad about it. You cannot do anything now as the time has passed but the event keeps returning back in your mind and not letting you be at peace with yourself. Such a situation is being faced by many and they do not know what to do. Some get into drinking habits, some raise their anger level and take out frustrations on themselves or their loved ones. All these are uncalled for and puts a break in your life. This system is quite common in Christianity where they have a system to visit the church and confess about things they want to in isolation but in front of Jesus and the Father of the church. However, simple it may sound, it takes a gut in a person to admit his/ her fault and ask forgiveness for it.

We have created the same kind of situation/ system here at Dirt-Sheet for every one of you, whosoever religion you may be coming from, you can use this and this has nothing to do with your religious practices. Just open yourself here and you will feel light. Here the Rules are very simple: you don't need to publish your real name, your picture or whatever that exposes your identity. All you have to do is to open up and confess what you want to. Write what you did, what you felt while doing it, how you are feeling after that and why you want to confess now.

As per the process feel sorry and bad about it then ask for Forgiveness. What you are saying is to your higher self, your own God. You are not answerable to anyone but yourself. You can simply say sorry and get your guilt removed forever or you can even choose the method or ways to apologize about it if you feel so. You can decide to do community service by giving your time in a hospital or at an orphanage or any such places. You can donate to the needy or do something and close the chapter and your confession is complete. Such an act has proven to be life-transforming for many. You feel lighter and filled with fresh energy. May you be at peace and with joy in your life.

My one wrong step

I am Mohit and happen to land to this section here. I find this very interesting. Although I am writing my true name, I am not revealing anything further about myself as I have chosen to exercise m...

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