Yoga is one of the most effective form of exercise which helps you to solve many of your health problems. It’s beyond physical and impacts your life at

Yoga or exercise - what's the difference and which is better?

Like daily exercise, yoga stimulates and tones the body. Daily exercise typically offers a body more power and less flexibility. Weight training, for instance, increase...

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How to overcome Stress, anxiety, and depression?

In the modern world, the concept o...

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Stress Relieving Yoga Positions

Exercising is good for your body. When you exercise, it relieves the stress and tension from your body. It is because it releases natural hor...

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Important Yoga Aasan And Their Benefits.

Part 1Bandha Sarvangasana

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Sukhasana, Virabhadrasana I, Virabhadrasana II.

Important Yoga aasan and their Benefits Part 2

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Trikonasana, Chaturanga, Utkatasana.


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Vriksasana, Navasana, Bakasana and Their Benefits.

Important Yoga aasan and their Benefits Part 4

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Pincha Mayurasana, Savasana, Natarajasana And Their Benefits

Important Yoga aasan and their Benefits Part 5Pincha Mayurasana

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Importance of yoga In Today's life

Yoga- Century’s old traditions becoming better option for today.Yoga has been synonymous with the Hindu tradition for ages. Known to be founded in the ancie...

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