Amazing Night View at Thar Desert

Night at Thar Desert

Deserts have always been fascinating. With mystical stories telling a different tale all the time, it is difficult to not be smitten by the beauty of the sand dunes and Bedouins. With one extreme of the climate so dominant and the oases that take your breath away with their sheer magnanimity and beauty.

Thar: The main attraction of Rajasthan

India’s pride has been Thar which is one of the most beautiful deserts in the world. Located in the pristine state of Rajasthan, the desert attracts millions of tourists and travellers all around the year. Not only you can help yourself to the camel tours that last for nights together, but also camp under the stars listening to the exotic folklore music and entertainment programs which are usually set up and arranged by the travel operators and tour guides.

Thar: The Great Indian Desert

Thar thrives on tourism and has been an attraction for all the right reasons. It extends up to the salt desert, The Rann of Kutch and Aravalli which are known to be mighty and represent the true spirit of Rajasthan. With world heritage sites listed in the city, how could you possibly let go of the majestic Sand dunes. Located in the outskirts of the city, the dunes are a major attraction in the Thar. The best time to visit the dunes is always during October to March when then temperatures are bearable and it gets chilly during the nights.

Additionally, you have excellent Camel Safari tours which make it worth all the travel. You could also indulge in draping that traditional ‘safa’ to gel into the actual vibe of the place. Channelize the inner voracious eater and glutton by treating yourself to some interesting local cuisine which ensures that you have a better taste of Rajasthan before you set afoot elsewhere.

If nature excites you, you can always head over to the Desert national Park which allows you to feast your eyes on the gorgeous migratory birds, such as the Indian Bustard, eagles, vultures and so many others which are rare and visit the area only during specific seasons. You can ride out on those heavy wheels or desert bikes or just the Jeep to explore the multi-faceted desert which is nothing but mesmerising.

Night at Thar Desert

Night at Thar is always accompanied by impromptu performances and lavish spreads of food. The breeze and the night under the stars is something worth remembering and it is such a surreal experience that people cannot stop raving about it at all. The sands are cold during the night and you could treat yourself to the sand therapy by walking barefoot on the same to experience something closer to the soul, forgetting the mundane existence and the hustle of life.

Camping under stars can be a really amazing experience of your life. Sunset, twinkling of stars, sand and camels, this makes the place more mesmerizing and heart taking. Starry night sky and amazing aura makes you feel overwhelmed and fill with calmness and content. This place can be an ideal option for a romantic date.

Be enthralled with drinks, bonfires, local dance performances on the dunes along with strange smelling tea and Pakoras. At the time when sun sets and sky shines with twinkling stars, photo clicking come into mind.

A new moon in the sky and bonfire lit never let you fall asleep. Nobody wants to miss these lazy and mesmerizing moments while they are spending night at Thar Desert. One can spend whole night under the sky and experience the changing sky colour at the time of new sunrise. It will leave you spellbound.

  • Location Jaisalmer is the place that you are looking forward to visiting if Thar has been on your itinerary for a while.Also known as the Jewel of the Thar, Jaisalmer is located in the heart of the arid desert. However, this has never deterred people from coming back to the city over and over again. With other attractions in the city such as the famous Jaisalmer fort, Ganga Sagar, Patwaon ki haweli, Kuldhara Ghost Village and so much more, it has managed to keep every traveller on their toes.
  • Mode of travel If you thought getting to Jaisalmer was an easy task, well, you might be in for a travel treat. It is not directly connected by flights. The nearest airport is Jodhpur. However, you can always book a train to the place which is well connected with all over the country. If luxury is on your budget, you can always book the Palace on wheels to take you there in all pomp and show.
  • Famous food What would a journey be without food? Isn’t that what most of us travel for all the time? With moderately spicy food, Rajasthani food has been a favourite among all gourmet fans and locals alike. You could treat yourself to the lesser known Mutton Saag, Pohe, Kachori, Ghotua, KadhiPakore and so much more. Missing out on that DaalBati Choorma is a mortal sin that you do not want to commit.
  • Famous marketShopping is important, else where do you get the souvenirs from? You could head over to Manak Chowk, Pansari Bazaar, Sanoran ka Baas to find the ethnic designs when shoes, clothes, bags, jewellery et al is concerned. Do not forget to pick out the gifts for your loved ones too!
  • Weather It is a desert! It is always hot during the day and cold during the nights due to obvious geographical phenomenon. The annual rainfall is minimal and is always erratic. Best time to visit is always October to March when it is slightly pleasant against the harsher ones that the locals are used to!Thought of leaving the place can make you sad but fret not. You will surely have lots of secrets of dunes along with you while leaving the place.


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