Ayodhya -What Is the simple way out?

Ayodhya is a district in state Uttar Pradesh. As per Hindu mythology, it is believed to be the birthplace of the king-God Rama. Due to mishandling of several years, the plot of land has become victim of a dispute and has turned into a mess. The Ayodhya plot had an ancestral temple of the king-God Rama which is also known as Ram Janmabhoomi.

In 1525 Mughal Emperor Babur, invaded North India and this plot of land were a part of his conquered territory. It is said that in 1528, one of the generals of Babar had destroyed the temple and built the mosque at that site. He named it as Babri Masjid (Babur’s Mosque). It was said that even after the mosque was built, both Hindu and Muslims used to pray in same compound, but at different areas and considered it as mosque-temple. But when Britishers came, they drew a partition between the areas.

There was no dispute with this act of Britishers. But some religious violence took place in Ayodhya in 1850s. That resulted in dispute for this piece of land. As per Hindus, there was a Rama Temple that was destroyed to build a Mosque and therefore there should be a temple constructed on that site. However, Muslims were not in favour of demolishing the existing mosque.

The issue as of now has become political, religious and social debate. The case was filled regarding this issue in Allahabad High court in 1992. Due to the lingered indecision, there was a rage in public and the babri structure was demolished by the crowded kar sewaks on Dec 6th 1992.

The court declared the final Ayodhya verdict on 2010. As per the verdict, the entire disputed land will be divided in 3 equal parts. One part will be handed over to Ram Lalla (Hindu Maha Sabha) so that they can build a Rama Temple. Another part be handed over to Islamic board called Sunni Waqf Board and remaining 1/3 part will be given to Nirmohi Akhara.

However, all the three parties are still not satisfied with the verdict and have taken this case to The Supreme Court of India. The Supreme Court Of India has not yet reached to a final decision regarding this case. Both the parties have their valid arguments. As per Muslims the current mosque should not have been demolished and as per Hindus it is said that there was a temple that was destroyed to build this mosque. There are strong religious sentiments of both the communities attached to this plot of land. Everyone is worried about many things.

  • Is this just a political agenda or more than that?
  • In the country like ours where people are so strongly attached to their religion, will it be possible for the court to come up with unbiased decision?
  • Will the verdict impact political interests of the parties of our country?

The nation really wants the best possible outcome of this decade’s long debate.
Now, the court has to decide and come up with some clear verdict that satisfies both the communities. This was a religious matter earlier, but now a lot of political parties have taken this as their agenda. As it has become religious, political and social debate for our nation, we need to have faith in our constitution & law of the land and wait for the decision by the Supreme Court of India. Hope this debate ends with a decision that keeps up to the religious interests of all the communities involved.


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