Top 20 Important tips to speak English fluently

We use the English language as a global language to communicate with the world. It helps us to interact with the whole new world of possibilities.

English speaking has become a requirement in day to day life these days. If you are a housewife or a working woman you need to know how to speak in English fluently if you are a student or a job seeker you require to speak fluently. People working in the private sector are bound to learn English speaking. The importance of English speaking has emerged as a form of communication. Emphasizing on the importance of English speaking tips, it gives you an overall personality which is something very important among the job seekers and working people. It is really helpful to learn and understand the business etiquette it also grooms and includes confidence in body language. It even allows and understands to comprehend in creative ways. At the same time, it unlocks a wide range of opportunities in the international and domestic market both.

Here are a few tips that would help you to speak in English fluently:


1. It is seen that people tend to learn single words to enhance their vocabulary. Now, this is a very common mistake, it abstains from learning a language in a proper way. It is advised that in place of learning a single word people should always go for phrases that would help them to comprehend what they feel like. It would become easier for them to express and communicate.

2. When people start learning new words for the vocabulary they start translating every sentence that they want to speak in English, which is again a wrong practice once it comes to learning the English language. Learning phrases would help them to avoid the practice of translating. This will never interrupt their conversation at the same time using a combination of words would make them fluent.

3. Sometimes people mistranslate because they usually have no idea that translating every word can be a bad habit and they end up saying wrong sentences. Word to word translation is a very hard task which abstains from speaking fluently.

4. While learning phrases, try to bring them into your habit. It is advised to use these phrases frequently in your speech. This practice will help people to use the phrase with ease.

5. Here the emphasis is given to use phrases frequently this is because it will automatically reduce the effort that people put in while learning grammar. No doubt grammar is very important when we learn a language. But when we learn a second language grammar, which is an integral part of the language, initially, it takes a lot of time to frame sentences and speak fluently now with the practice of learning phrases that makes it easy for a person to speak English confidently.

6. In the beginning, it is difficult for many people to memorize and use so many grammar rules accordingly. This makes them very conscious of using tense in the beginning. Speak Simple sentences that will help you to communicate with the world.

7.  It is a tendency in our brain that helps us to memorize what we see visually. So when we see a person speaking and using Phrases and vocabulary in a different context it helps us to understand the situation and the kind of grammar used with vocabulary.

8. Apart from learning and practicing, it is advised to watch English programs and movies. Now, this practice helps you to understand the expression, the accent, the situational grammar, and mood.

9. English speaking is not about only grammar and vocabulary, one needs to understand or comprehend the English speaker so watching English programs and movies would help you to comprehend.

10. When we learn a second language it is a common practice that we tend to translate word by word. This may lead to mistranslation at times. To avoid this practice it is advised to think in English constantly. Whether you are doing any simple household task or you are preparing the meal or you are getting ready to go somewhere or you are driving, always think and frame sentences only in English rather than translating word by word.

11. Once you start following this practice you will see that you don’t fall short of any vocabulary or phrases during a conversation. This simple practice will help you to communicate easily.

12. Thinking in your native language and translating in your second language usually takes some time. But when the process of thought is aligned in English you will find an automated fluency in your language.

13. Sometimes you will find that there are certain words in your mother tongue that are not available in the second language. Once you start translating word by word in every sentence it is sometimes mistranslated and sounds abrupt. That is why it is always advised not to translate every sentence but process every thought in English.

14. The practice of Thinking in English can be e followed in anything that you do. While doing your daily chores like getting ready for work, try to think every word in English like brushing your teeth, taking bath, having breakfast, getting ready, and everything that you do. This is a very funny and inspiring way.

15. Reading practice is very helpful for any beginner. You can read a newspaper magazine any extract from a book. While reading, it is important to use correct intonation so that you sound fluent in English. Intonation means the change in tone every time you come across any expression.

16. To speak fluently in English people try various methods but the best of them is to talk to yourself. This is a very common practice that can transform your whole personality by looking yourself into the mirror and talking. The benefit of this exercise is you become confident every time you practice.

17. This practice is very helpful to enhance and develop your personality whenever you look into the mirror and talk to yourself you can see how you speak and look. You can easily rectify the facial expressions, effort, and aggression coming on your face.

18. This practice can be followed when you find yourself alone. You can practice anything you want: it can be your speech or daily conversation. You can even discuss your favorite, hobbies, holidays, jobs, families, anything that you like.

19. All the above practices will only be helpful once you bring it into your daily habits. But in day to day life it becomes quite difficult to go over and over with these practices. At this point, you need an environment where you can talk and discuss with people. Environment or places where you find other English speakers will motivate you at the same time to help you to learn new things. You can join any English speaking institute or you can make a group of your friends who want to speak and practice English.

20. Now you have decided to put your complete effort into learning English try to understand the value of Accent. A proper English accent is very important for any English speaker. You should always try to sound correct in your pronunciation.


The tips mentioned above are tested and proved. These practices will help you to bring out all those hidden possibilities in your personality. The practices mentioned above can only be helpful once you are determined to follow it regularly. Learning a language is not a hard task once followed by correct practices.

Happy learning!!!



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