Hectic Life Of A Corporate Guy

Hectic life of a corporate guy

Corporate life can seem very rosy and “hunky-dory” from a distance, but the struggle is real which is usually camouflaged from the general eye. People project businessmen and entrepreneurs as one of the happiest people on the planet, but no one actually acknowledges the fact that it can indeed be anything but an overnight success feat. What people tend to miss is the hard work, perseverance, struggle and dedication that goes in to the work each and every day.
What seems common in most of their lives is the time management that they have put effort in. You might be surprised but it is actually not very different than what you usually do. Remember that awesome quote from anonymous sources, “winner don’t do different things, they just do things differently?” Well, that fits true here. From the extensive discussions and interactions we were surprised how such qualities can be common across so many people. Read on and you would be another deer in the headlights!

How does the day start?
It’s pragmatic. Be it a budding entrepreneur or an established businessman, we are all smartphone addicts because we are a generation that is chained to our phones for all pragmatic reasons. It might seems like a perfidy, but it is true. The first thing that anyone does is check their phone. Businessmen look out for missed calls and important texts and business emails or the agenda for the day which sets the pace of the whole 24 hour cycle.
Making sure your mind is in the right place demands discipline and training your mind calls for energy control. It hardly comes as a surprise to us that most businessmen actually find time for a quick session of yoga, meditation and even working out at the beginning of the day. It does explain a lot though! Exercising helps you release those much needed endorphins which bring down cortisol levels which additionally help in alleviating the stress and anxiety for the day. Don’t you think that is absolutely necessary? In case the gym is exciting, they could spend that time productively to pick out on the urgent news or catching up on the latest buzz that that apparently shook the world.

Hectic Life

Always be punctual
Cutting out on drama and punctuality is one of the key qualities that one needs to harbour. Managing time well comes in handy here. Be it delegating mundane tasks like cooking or cleaning, one gets enough time for oneself to focus on the former. Before you head out, ensuring the nourishment is in place is crucial.
When you hit the ground running, getting into the grind isn’t that difficult. With phones ringing off the hook and ideas floating around, how does one find time to focus on the bigger picture? Well, it is simpler than it looks. Delegating is essential. You could catch up on you emails in the mean and respond to whatever is essential. Planning that day out is important and no sincere corporate giant would ever spend more than an hour checking those emails.

Plan the whole day out in advance
They do plan their calls in the morning when almost everyone is accessible. Sometimes appointments are difficult to arrange. In such circumstances, instead of being thrown off the grid, one needs to follow up and get that appointment in the book. Once you have it, do not miss the opportunity to catch up and don’t be late. That is what most business personals swear by. It is almost crucial that you mention the agenda and wrap up the call in the mentioned and stipulated time such that you have enough time later to maintain and send out the minutes of the meeting such that the communication is established non-verbally too. This comes in handy when you are trying to break into an account or seal a deal!

Lunch breaks are crucial. You can plan multiple meetings over lunches if there is a time crunch. This is what most entrepreneurs who are always on the go plan for. Point essentially being giving the clients a comfortable place and pace to talk about their expectations and insights. If the deal doesn’t work out, at least you earn a connection for a lifetime. It is not always necessary that you have to walk into an office space to get your job done. If it is weekend, business men and corporates usually take their work to the bed and plug everything in. that way, you have a place you are comfortable with and relax too! Focusing and concentrating on work becomes easier when you have zoned out yourself. Moreover, you can unplug and go back to sleep when the job is done!

How to catch up with busy clients?
Business men use post lunch hours to get the tougher tasks done such as strategy meetings or on-shore video conferences which demand physical and mental attention. This can include whipping up gorgeous presentations, business development plans, checking random emails, having war-room discussions and so much more that fit in to the category of being productive. If there is extra time available or a slot that doesn’t demand that you be at your productive best, the time is well utilised to conduct and organise town halls which gives them the opportunity to discuss plans and vision with the people working for you.

Family time is essential too
Evening are meant to be spent with family. Once they have the personal space sorted, most of them focus on blogging or listing down their experiences for the day or communicating with the world. Entrepreneurship demands that you be socially active and connect with people who are anything and everything. This could be finding potential clients, doing market research, finding customers, developing better perspective, seeking insightful and inspirational topics which drive you further for a better tomorrow.
Not everybody works 40 hours a week or all day for 7 days. Few days you have your lows where you might not feel very established or productive. Instead of pulling themselves out for the show to go on, they focus on building stable mental health such that they function in a better and more efficient way.


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