How Christmas Is Celebrated In Various Parts Of The World?

Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. In most of the countries, Christmas is celebrated on 25th December. Even if Christianity is not the majority religion of the country, the decorations and festivities related to the event never lag behind. Christmas trees are synonymous with the celebration. When you think about Christmas, the first thing that comes to your mind is the Christmas tree and the gifts. However, different countries celebrate the festival in a different manner. Let’s see how the people around the world celebrate it.

United States Of America

As the country with a majority of Christians, everyone celebrates the festival with aplomb. On 25th December the families get together to share the joy and happiness with others. They have a festive meal on the day. The gift exchanging takes place on the 26th (Boxing Day).


In France, the celebrations start on 6th December (St. Nicholas Day). It is a great start to the festivities as the children get sweets and gifts. Most of the children in France put their polished shoes outside on Christmas Eve. It is mostly placed in front of the chimney. According to the tradition, the Father Christmas (Père Noël) fills the shoes with gifts/sweets.


The nativity scene (presepe) depicting the birth of Jesus originates from Italy. The main tradition Italy is the display of crib filled with straw in front of the churches, town squares as well as in front of the houses. The kids can expect gifts from Father Christmas (Babbo Natale) on January 6th known as the day of Epiphany.


The celebrations and decorations for the Christmas start very early in England. All the main squares and houses get adorned with decorative lights and ornaments at the start of December. The important tradition in England is to put up donation counters in front of the display to aid different charities.


Main markets and town squares in Germany decorate the place with fairy lights and sparkling displays. But, all the homes put a Christmas tree only on 24th morning. It is a tradition followed in Germany.


In Norway, children wait patiently for Santa Claus (Julenisse) who brings presents to the children. Children wait eagerly for Jul (the Christmas holiday season) to celebrate with gifts and treats.



The Santa Claus is known as Juletide Lads in Iceland. Children put their shoes on the windowsill that allows Santa Claus to fill it with gifts or goodies. In Iceland, Christmas is all about providing happiness to the kids.


Unlike other countries, Philippines follows a special tradition for Christmas. The Christians display the Christmas lantern (paról) to remember the star of Bethlehem. The lantern has the shape of the star. The star made of paper and bamboo is an integral element in the celebrations.


Singapore has a commercialized version of Christmas with all the streets and building decorated with lights. People use the mass of fairy light to make the decoration bright and colorful.

South Africa

Its summer time in South Africa. So, the Christmas day involves spending time with family with braai. It is similar to a barbecue.


In Australia, the tradition is to join the picnics organized by different churches in the country. People sing carol songs on the beach to celebrate the festival.


In Brazil, the tradition involves displaying the nativity scene know in the local language as presepio in front of the churches.Though the Christmas tradition differs in each country, the basic concept of spreading love and goodness to everyone remains the same


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