How To Protect Your Skin?

You need to take proper care of your skin. It is due to the fact that your skin acts as a great barrier against many infections you can contact in daily life. Therefore, you need to protect your skin and maintain its health to keep the barrier strong. A healthy and moist skin can also enhance your physical appeal. But, the changing season can make your skin dry or irritated. The skin requirements of each vary. So, you need to include skincare routine depending on the season to maintain the health of your skin.

Summer Season

The summer season can cause a lot of changes in your skin. The hot weather can pose several challenges as you can get affected by rashes, dry skin, dry spots, wrinkles, or pigmentation. Not taking proper care during summer can even lead to skin cancer over time. Therefore, you need to take proper care by adopting the following steps:

  • Good Hydration

Summer season means you will sweat profusely. So, your body loses the water content. The loss of moisture can affect your skin. Therefore, you need to drink water to keep the skin hydrated. It will maintain the softness of the skin by retaining the moisture.

  • Apply Sunscreen

To protect your skin from the harmful radiation from the sun, you need to apply sunscreen. So, choose a good sunscreen that also has moisturizing effects. Applying it before you go out can help you keep the skin safe.

  • Exfoliate

Summer season means sweat, dust, and dead skin cells clogging the pores. So, you need to exfoliate your skin at least 2-3 times a week. It not only improves the blood circulation but also keeps your face clean.

  • Face Wash

Cleaning your face is important to keep the skin free from dirt. So, wash our face at least two times a day to protect your skin. Choose a face wash with good cleansing power and use it in the morning as well as the evening to protect your skin.

Winter Skincare

Winter season means dropping temperatures. So, the humidity levels can go done leading to dry air. The dry air can steal the moisture from your skin. It results in bleeding or cracking of the skin. Harsh winter wind triggers numerous skin problems. Therefore, you need skincare routine to prevent the damage. Here are the few tips to keep your skin protected during the cold weather.

  • Use Lukewarm Water

 During the winter season, you like to take bath in the hot water. There is nothing more pleasant has soaked in the hot tube. But, never excess hot water on your skin. It can strip off the moisture and essential oil from your skin. So, use lukewarm water to protect your skin.

  • Moisturize

Using moisturizer immediately after taking bath can help retain the moisture content in your skin. It can compensate for the oil and moisture loss due to using the hot water.

  • Sunscreen

You may wonder why you need sunscreen in winter. But, the fact is, snow can reflect sunlight. So, use sunscreen before going out.

  • Wear Protective Clothing

Wear scarves, gloves, winter caps, and winter clothes before stepping out. It not only keeps you warm but also keeps your skin safe.

Since healthy skin is the perfect reflection of your health, you need to opt a good routine to take care of your skin.


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