Make up Tips for “To be Brides and Grooms”


Make up Tips for “To be Brides and Grooms”

With celebrity weddings flooding your social media page, it is a ringing bell for the wedding
season in the vicinity. With designer clothes and jewellery taking most of us by awe, it is
highly unlikely that you haven’t started browsing for trends at all! Let aside that, it is the
wedding make up which changes the complete look, whether it is a groom or a bride.

It is an unsaid rule that you need to look your gorgeous best on your wedding day. With
make up artists brushing up their portfolios for the wedding season, how do you know what
would suit you or what would look great on you? Well, trial and more trial can help you fix
that question. It is as simple as that.

Wedding make is supposed to be tried and tested even before you actually get down that
aisle. Trying out different looks can help you understand your style and tone which is very
important. You do not want to carry a gawdy look for sure now, don’t you?

Make up tips for brides to be

Understand what looks good on your skin. Try out make up depending on the time of the
wedding. You need separate palettes depending on whether it is a day wedding or an evening
event. It needs to vary drastically because the lights are different, and the make-up needs to
compliment that too. You want to look like you on your wedding day and not like someone
else! Therefore, it is important to understand what works and what doesn’t for you.

You want to pick up a vibrant style and something that is jazzy. It needs to feel great on your
skin and accentuate all the features instead of making it look all artificial. If you want a soft
dewy look, make sure that you are communicating the same to the make up artist. Talk it
through to understand if that is indeed meant for the time of the wedding. If you want
something sexy or subtle, that needs to be informed to the make up artist such that they can
play around with colours and palates. This leaves you with plenty of options until the D-Day.

Make up tips for grooms

Groom make up is not a myth. You need to shine up like your bride and it is important that
you start way ahead. Avoid chemicals, which will help you get that healthy glow. You don’t
want a fair cream, you want a beautiful natural tone. Learn to exfoliate, cleanse and follow
that skin care routine.

If tan is an issue, get a natural de-tan treatment such that you have a better glowing skin. Go
for those mandatory parlour sessions to get your skin ready and use the right shade of make
up such that you don’t look like a piece of cake instead of the groom.

Be it a groom or a bride, you need to have your make up and make-up artist sorted way
before in advance such that it is all but a cakewalk on the D-day. Are you ready yet?

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