A cancer is a kind of disease which involves an abnormal and abrupt cell growth that is strong enough to spread over a part of the body. After the collection of these cells at one place it becomes a batch of neoplasms. Neoplasm or tumor is a collection of cells that grows at a place abruptly creating a mass lump. Now Prostate cancer also known as Prostatic Carcinoma, is a cancer that crops up in the prostate, a gland in male reproductive system. The function of prostate is to create seminal fluid that cultivate and carry sperm and urine control. It is usually a slow process which sometimes takes years to develop and sometimes relatively, spreads quickly and might proceed to the bones and lymph nodes. What makes it dangerous is its unpredictability.

There are major 3 factors that raise the risks of prostate cancer, are:

  • Older age: It is said that as men age, the risk of this type of cancer rises. Usually men of 50 and above have been more prone to this disease.
  • A family history: It is more likely seen common in blood relations (father or brother), these men have greater risk of prostate cancer.
  • Race: At times it is seen in few specific races like African American are at greater risk of Prostate Cancer.
  • Obesity
  • High Blood Pressure

This type of cancer is connected with urine dysfunction because the gland surrounds urethra, so if there is any kind of shift in the gland, it directly affects the urinary function. Prostate Cancer shows no symptoms in the beginning or might begin with difficulty urinating. It only appears at later stages, when blood appears while urinating. If person feels frequent pain in pelvis, these all symptoms sum up an alarm. Symptoms may vary person to person. Failure of bladder control and decreased movement of urine stream are other signs of Prostate Cancer.

Prostate CancerHealthy Diet
A healthy diet helps to keep prostate cancer away. Large consumption of fatty food increases the risk of cancer. Rather enrich the diet with fruits and vegetables, which are full of vitamin, minerals and all nutrients. Drinking alcohol and smoking are not good for healthy life style.
Keep a check on weight
Obesity is another factor that raises the risk of Prostate Cancer. Men should always maintain weight towards the age of 50 and more. In case of obesity, men need to lose weight. A brisk walk or jogging is always advised for a healthy life style.
It’s better to exercise and keep a check on those extra calories. It helps in maintaining weight. Yoga, Aerobics, or any other form of exercise is good for losing weight.
Avoid Stress
Any kind of is not suitable for human body. It makes the immunity and harms the body as well its organs. Stress Management is the perfect solution. Deep breathing exercises help reducing stress.

It is all about daily habits and a healthy life style that will lead to perfect body. Healthy diet should be a habit not choice. Stress reduces the life span, and makes the body weak.

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