Reasons of infertility in Women


Infertility in women means not able to get conceive or pregnant even after having unprotected sex with the partner for a year or so. Females who get pregnant but soon face miscarriage frequently can also be said infertile. Factors responsible for female infertility are

  • Age
  • Hormone issues
  • Lifestyle
  • Physical issues

 The common cause of female infertility includes issues like ovulation,Disorder in ovulation: this means, female ovulates or produces eggs sparingly. In order to get pregnant, a female ovary should produce and release eggs. The causes of Ovulation disorder include problem with ovary and problem with pituitary gland or hypothalamus which are responsible for regulation and production of these reproductive hormones.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome): these days’ young females are diagnosed with PCOS quite frequently with symptoms like acne, scalp hair loss, abnormal hair growth especially on face and body, and obesity. It is an imbalance in hormonal level that affects the fertility. This imbalance causes enlarged or swollen ovaries with multiple tiny cysts around the edges.

Primary Ovarian Insufficiency: Due to autoimmunity, the ovary tends to lose premature eggs at the initial level of ovulation. This happens because of genes or chemotherapy (if applicable). When a female reaches at the age of 40 the ovary stop producing eggs and decreases estrogen production in few cases.Hypothalamic dysfunction: few females complain irregular periods. Pituitary gland releases two hormones- FSH and LH, responsible for ovulation stimulation. If a female undergoes physical or mental stress, serious weight gain or weight loss, these conditions disturbs the production of mentioned two hormones that further effects ovulation.Tubal infertility: if the fallopian tubes are damaged or blocked, this will block the way of fertilized egg to reach uterus. The egg starts developing in fallopian tube instead of uterus known as ectopic pregnancy.Endometriosis: this condition arrives when the tissue starts growing in the other locations than its usual place that is uterus. First the extra growth and further it removal through surgical methods can cause scars and damage fallopian tubes that doesn’t let egg and sperm unite.Cervical causes or Uterine can cause infertility or frequent miscarriages.Other factors: at times there are various factors responsible which combine together to cause infertility. These factors eliminate in the due course of time and the female gets pregnant after few years. But it is always advised for the proper treatment for infertility.

PREVENTIONA female should improve their chances to get pregnant with the following ways:Females should always watch and maintain their weight. Obesity and underweight women are always at risk of ovulation dysfunction. In case of overweight, women should shed those extra pounds with the help of exercise and a proper diet. If the lady is underweight, she should insist on healthy eating to gain appropriate weight and exercise to keep her fit.

Avoid intoxication: Intoxication in every way is dangerous for females. First it harms fertility and then affects the health of fetus. Drinking Alcohol, smoking, or eating tobacco is hazardous for females who are planning a pregnancy in near future.

Avoid Stress: Emotional stress and depression are very harmful for females and their babies. Stress never helps conceiving rather it causes various infertility diseases.Use of Caffeine: women should use limited caffeine before planning a baby. A daily intake of 1-2 cups is enough to improve the chances of pregnancy.

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