Recent Innovation In Mobile Screens?

Recent Innovation In Mobile Screens?

Mobile phones are much more than a method of communication. Your mobile phone undergoesseveral innovations. The new features make your mobile phone provides you much more. But,most of the times, you only look into the top-of-the-line specifications. Having a high-qualityscreen is essential for better display. You have improved the experience with bets quality mobilescreen as it can render great graphics. It also delivers you a smooth performance. Do you knowwhat is new on mobile screens? Read ahead to know the latest innovations in the screens of yoursmartphones.

Full Display Mobile ScreensFull display mobile phones are trending today. Also known as Bezel-less phones with no borders.It has a high screen-to-body ratio. It is popular among smartphone users as you get more screen.It is the most innovative concept that makes the smartphones futuristic. Combined with theartificial intelligence technologies, the full display mobile screens is the next big thing. So, youcan enjoy the large display, multi-touch features, and high-quality design.

Fold-able ScreenThe fold-able screen is another technology that everyone is hearing for a few years. Unlike thetraditional flat display, the fold-able screen is flexible. Recently Samsung provided a sneak peekof a phone that uses the technology. The phone expecting a release in 2019 has a clamshell-styleopening. But, it flattens to look like a tablet-style display. The dual screen, the fold-able phone isthe right mix of the present and future.

Transparent Mobile ScreenHave you seen the Iron Man 2 and Minority Report? Then, you may know about the transparentmobile phone. The diaphanous phone is the answer to the future of mobile phones. Unlike theordinary phone, the transparent screen has conductive OLED with liquid crystal molecules. Itcan display the images on the screen when you power the phone on as the electric current canrealign to form imagery, icons, and text. It is the innovative technology allows you to see theworld through your mobile screen. Again Samsung is trying to bring technology to the world. So,it uses the traditional handset with a transparent screen. But, it also comes with the camera for abetter view of the outside world.

Self-Healing Glass ScreensHow many times have you dropped your phone? You may have spent an exuberant amount ofmoney to repair the screen or buy a protective layer for the mobile screen. Don’t worry, you cansoon expect mobile phones with self-healing glass screen. Baffling? The Japanese scientists havedeveloped a glass from the polymer known as polyether-thioureas. The low-weight polymer canheal itself from cracks and break when pressed together by hand. So, without using high heat,you can melt the material and mend it properly. It eliminates the problem of the cracked screenfrom your life. Thus, you can avoid spending money due to your butterfingers.You use the phone almost for every minute of the day. From texting, browsing, chatting tosending messages, you spend a lot of time on the phone. So, you need to have a high-qualitydisplay that serves your purpose. But, users no longer think only about the visibility, brightness,or color reproduction of the mobile screen. Today your smartphone must have unique screens tocreate a trend and become different from the others in the market. So, catch up to the trend andupdate yourself with valuable knowledge.


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