Success Mantra to achieve any Goal you want

Millions of bestseller books have been published on this topic over the years. Even today, everyday new authors are coming up with their own ideas and versions, but none of them can claim, their system is the only way and the final way to achieve success. Each individual is unique as well as their aspirations too, hence everyone's journey is unique in there own way. They find multiple paths to reach their successes.

As we move on, we encounter & face many things and handle them all along our paths. Upon reviewing all the paths it’s easy to discover the main spirit behind each success. There’s no big hidden secret about this topic, it’s open for all of us to see how successful people have chosen their path to achieve it.  But before jumping onto some conclusion, you need to define, what is that you are calling as your success. It could be of many types, for example, someone says getting good marks is his successor some may say becoming a topper is his, some may think getting financial independence is while for some it is to get name and fame in the world. So the most important thing is to set your mindset as to what you call it as your success and then move forward in that direction.

Now comes the real thing, how to achieve it? I will give an example to make it clear. Imagine you are thirsty and you see a glass of water, kept at a distance in your room on a table. What will you do?   You’d say what’s a big deal, I will just get up, reach the table, pick the glass, and have water to quench my thirst. Yes, it is as simple as this. To get something you need to take action towards it and when there’s a question of your success, you need to be even more serious about it.  You cannot just wish good things and expect it to happen out of air.

Achieving success purely depends upon how much fire is inside you, how burning your desire is.  If you are not that thirsty, you may even skip having water for some more time. You may be busy with something important or unimportant, but once your throat is dry and you are really thirsty you will leave everything, search for it and do anything to get yourself a glass of water, wherever it is.

Another interesting aspect I would like to highlight is about some people who get into the trap of short cuts and some magical remedies to get success. Please note, you can’t just do some Vastu or Feng shui remedies, do some positive affirmations, or even chant mantras to see your turn around.  Tell me, can you do all this and see the glass of water flying and reaching in your hands for you to drink it?  No! such miracles don’t happen with normal people like you or me. There could be few who may claim to do this but that’s a different story altogether and we can’t talk about it here.

In real life you have to get up with your sheer will power to go and get the glass of water in your hands to drink it. Yes you can play smart by raising your voice and to ask for help and if someone is available they can pick it up for you but it is certain, you need to do something about it, there’s no escape from it.

My purpose here is to tell you that you need to do the real work to get the success, not by sitting idle. Now, it’s natural for your mind to pop up a question, why are only a few successful people when everyone works?  This twist is also easy to understand, there’s no secret.

How you do your work is very important. Doing it with the right moves & right attitude is the key. Look around and you will find only a few give their hundred percent. Very few people feel passionate about their work or love their job. Most people feel treat their work as an obligation or some sort of compulsion to earn money, but those who really feel for their job they get the success they desire. Passion comes from the burning desire in your belly to achieve what you want. It’s needless to say that the amount of effort depends upon what kind of success level you are looking for. I hope you don’t take the glass of water example literally, but the higher the Success, the bigger should be your efforts, dedication & commitment.

Something Special for Business people-

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Just focus on Five point formula as under :

  1. Make sure your business produces value for people you serve
  2. Create a good core team who wants to excel in life thru their work
  3. Delegate your work & Duplicate your skills & passion in them
  4. Share your profits liberally with the core team & put the business on autopilot
  5. Collaborate with like-minded people and companies.

Mark my words, the above steps could prove to be a Big Bang booster for your Business and bring you some unbelievably positive results. You may be in whatever business, these steps will take you to the level you may have never imagined.

Rajesh Pandey

(Chief Editor)


Sarabjeet Singh
Sarabjeet Singh

Very inspiring words, especially for business people, at the end.

Semant kapoor
Semant kapoor

This Article is really Eye opener for both..those who have casual attitude and those who are really serious about their goals.

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