Top 10 Luxurious Cars In The World?

A luxury car is not just a sign of wealth and power, but also the epitome of comfort as well as style. Different cars from hatchbacks to SUVs offer diverse skills that can provide the drivers with a unique experience. The high-end cars are preferred by wealthy people as it offers a silky smooth ride in style. The look and feel of the car are excellent that can make a statement by itself. So, from the comfort in the front and back seat, refined appeal, excellent drivability, and pleasurable ride, the luxury cars offer something memorable with each ride. Each luxury car has its own set of unique features. But, the common aspect of the top luxurious car is the use of sophisticated technology, enhances coziness, great drivability, and attractive design. So, here is the list of the top 10 luxurious car from around the world that most people prefer to drive.

  • Range Rover
    The fourth generation model of the Range Rover has the potent design to create revolution in the auto industry. It has a mind-blowing engineering in the form of the aluminum monocoque, which makes it highly attractive. The exclusive design makes it a luxury model. It comes with a heavy bodyshell that isolates from the rough surfaces. It provides the most enjoyable driving experience with high-quality luxury seats. The spacious interior exudes charm and elegance. Driving enthusiast can find happiness driving the 4×4. It comes at an average price of $70,000.
  • Mercedes Benz S-Class
    It is the functionally exceptional car with long wheelbase saloon, adaptive dampers, torsional rigidity, and electric power train technology. It offers high performance and efficiency to the owners willing to spend $1, 25,000 (average price).
  • Ferrari LaFerrari
    The luxurious care is well known for its acceleration capability. It has powerful performance making it possible to accelerate the car from o to 60mph in an astonishing time (less than three seconds). Speed lovers can have a good time with the car as it can go up to 124 under seven seconds and reach till 217mph. People can own the beast by shelling out $1.4million.
  • Rolls Royce Phantom
    The quiet and cozy car has a high power 6.75litre petrol engine (V12) that produces high levels of torque (900Nm). The 563bhp offers good acceleration that can go from 0 to 62mph in few seconds (5.3 seconds). It can go up to a top speed of 155mph. the average price of the car is around $450000.
  • Audi A8
    The sophisticated car comes with the most advanced chassis, in-car technology, powertrain, etc. It offers the most autonomous driving experience at a price of $82000 (average). It offers luxurious interiors with cozy seating.
  • BMW 7 Series
    The car has powerful engines with great efficiency that makes the driving poised. The attractive and appealing design with pioneering infotainment offers the best driving experience. At the average price of $84000, the interior has good space, usability, and integrity.
  • Porsche Panamera
    Launched in 2016, the Porsche Panamera has an appealing design with the best performance and quick drive. The car has the soul of a sports car without compromising on the luxury. The car comes with air-suspension to enhance the comfort while driving. With the models like Turbo S, Turbo, plus E-Hybrid Diesel, the car meets the driving demands of the users. The average price of the sophisticated car is $89,000.
  • Maserati Quattroporte
    The Quattroporte has the powerful combination of sporting drive and the high-end comfort that every vehicle owner desires. It has a longer wheelbase giving the vehicle the appearance and feel of the top-end executive limo. The car comes with sophisticated interiors and plenty of kits for an average price of $111800.
  • Jaguar I-Pace
    The car has a fine engineering, which makes it one of the best luxurious car. It has a striking design with 197 bhp electric motors (on both axles) making it a quick. It also has an impressive touring range (around 215 miles). By spending an average amount of $80000 people can own a fine handling car.
  • Lexus LS
    The luxurious care has a hybrid V6 (3.5 liter) engine that provides impressive performance and power. The unconventional, but sophisticated interiors will appease the modern tastes of the customers. It comes at the base price of $75,000 that can go higher depending on the features.

The top luxurious cars offer style and comfort including infotainment of highest standards. People who have the means to shell out millions of dollars can opt for the top models of cars to travel in style.


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