Top 10 Tips For Healthy Heart

Our heart works nonstop for our whole life and therefore, it should be healthy. A healthy lifestyle can improve your overall health and make your heart fit. Here we have mentioned some useful tips to get healthy heart; you need not to work on all 10 tips at once. You can improve your heart function and health by just following 2-3 of these tips. Those people who want to live longer and spend more healthy time without any heart disease, they should follow the given tips:

1. Eat Healthy:
You should eat more fibre as it helps lower risk of heart disease. You should include wholemeal bread, oats, bran, wholegrain cereals, potatoes, fruits and vegetables in your diet as these are the main source of fibre.

2. Cut down on saturated fat:
Some foods are in high saturated fat and if you are eating them too much, it can be harmful for you. It raises the cholesterol level in your blood and enhances the risk of coronary heart disease. You can use low fat dairy products and leaner cuts of meat.

3. Dark Chocolate:
You should switch your chocolate choice. You should eat dark chocolates in moderation as this is good for heart.

4. Physical activities:
Lack of physical activity can be the main cause of heart disease. You should choose some physical activities that combine socializing and exercise such as Yoga, Cycling, Dancing, Water Aerobics and Pilates.

5. Have a diabetes Test:
Uncontrolled diabetes can be dangerous for your heart. It can contribute to coronary heart disease and damage your artery walls.

6. Eat Fish:
Fish is rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and it helps boost your good cholesterol level. You can include some oily fish varieties such as salmon, sardines and tuna in your diet.

7. Move more
You need to walk daily for 30 minutes in order to reduce the risk of heart problems.

8. Laugh out loud
You need to laugh in your daily life. Watch funny movies, crack jokes with friends and do whatever makes you laugh. Laughter may be the good exercise to keep your heart healthy. It can raise the level of good cholesterol, lower stress hormones and decrease inflammation in arteries.

9. Limit your Alcohol Consumption:
You should not drink alcohol more than standard limit (2 standard glasses for men and 1 for women). Alcohol contains calories and drinking it more than standard limit can impact on your health.

10. Quit Smoking:
Smoking can be injurious for your cardiovascular health and may cause coronary heart disease. You can give up smoking for your heart health. 12 months after quitting smoking, your risk of cause coronary heart disease reduces to about half that of a regular smoker.


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