Every year, college students and graduates look around for best colleges and universities for their studies. Their thirst for knowledge and education takes them overseas. Following are the 10 best universities in the world for the best students:10. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON (UCL) This University was established in 1826 as a secular substitute in that time, when church was an autonomous body, which could take any decision or even punish. It is the oldest and largest college to hold 29,000 thousand students registered and a dedicated staff of 6,000 academic staff and 840 professors for research and teaching in variety of courses. But it earns a good name for studies in medicine, science and law. Being a member of Russell Group of Universities it is also a part of Golden Triangle which includes Cambridge University and Oxford University. Presently UCL encourages the concept of education for global citizenship which endeavor on the fact that student should be given encouragement and opportunity to examine and research but not a privilege.

9. UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO: The University was established in 1890 with the urban ways of research and training to inspire and encourage students worldwide to generate new ideas and ideology that is suitable enough for a new world. With the motto ‘Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched’, the university registers the strength of 6,300 undergraduate students and 10,200 graduate students with professionals and 90 Noble prize winners, 2,380 full-time faculty. For the Research purposes and benefit to students, the university provides national affiliated labs like Fermi National Accelerator Lab, Argonne National Lab, and Marine Biological Lab.

8. IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON: With the principle of ‘Excellence in Education’, the Imperial institute was started in 1887. Finally in the year 1907, it was named Imperial College London when the Royal College of Science, the Royal College of Mines and Guilds College were merged as one. The college teaches 17,000 students with the staff of 8,000 faculty members focusing on main four streams: medicine, science, business and engineering. Every year this institute awards 6,700 degrees to its students.

7. ETH ZURICH (SWISS FEDERAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY): Back in 1854, it was founded by Swiss Federal Government. And finally in 1855, the institute was established with the name Polytechnikum as a national institute for education on international norms to invite talented students worldwide. It is named under most esteemed institutions which encourage latest and advance research and inventions. The institute has 4 field medalists, 32 Nobel Prize winners, including Albert Einstein. This institute has 16 departments to provide academic education and research in various subjects like engineering, bio-engineering, architecture and the list is endless.

6. UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE: The University of Cambridge stands at sixth in position in the list of Top ten Universities. It has a rich and fabulous past of 800 years, since1209. Situated in the heart of Cambridge, it is fourth ancient university in the world. The university has numerous building listed and are further segregated into 31 independent colleges. The university holds 19,000 students with 5,600 academic faculty members, where students directly apply to these colleges individually instead of applying to the university. For better results and as per requirements, students receive their classes, within their college campus along with the hostel facility. The university holds its name for best research output and a home to more than 100 libraries, which have more than 15 million books.

5. University of Oxford: The famous University of Oxford is one of the oldest universities, founded back in 11 Centaury for teaching. The University holds 22,000 students. This University does not have a main campus, but the building and college, which are self-governing are spread the city around. Oxford university has four divisions for academics: Physics, Mathematics, Humanities and Life Science, but is well known for medicine sciences, ranking 1st in the world. Its alumni include 26 Nobel Prize winners, 120 Olympics medalist, and 30 world leaders, all over 250,000 personalities.

4. CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (CALTECH): The University is world acclaimed institution for science and engineering research, situated in Pasadena, California. This famous institution was founded by Amos G. Throop in 1891 for preparatory vocational training. In the beginning of 20th century, the university became the core center for scientific research. Even during World War II, the university was contributing its service for various purposes. Today this place preserves and translates Einstein Paper Projects for research purposes. Its main objective is to use modern and scientific methods for the discovery of producing fuel with the help of solar energy.

3. HARVARD UNIVERSITY: The University is known for its reputation among influential academic ancestry. It is the leading university for higher education not just in US, but around the world. The scholastic elite class with high attendance percentage is given preference. Around 21,000 students are enrolled every year to this famous institution which was founded by John Harvard during pre-civil war period. Harvard alumni have eight presidents of US, 359, Rhodes Scholars and 62 billionaires, 108 Olymic Medalists and many more.

2. STANFORD UNIVERSITY: This University was founded in 1885 by a Senator, Leland Stanford and his wife in the memory of their only child who died because of typhoid. It is also known as the “billionaire factory”, when large companies like Google, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard are founded by Stanford alumni and faculty. This educational institute is said to have one of the largest university premises in and around world. Stanford University is all together a different world to all those students who believe in achieving and planning better world. Students have their communities where they nourish their creativity. The rich campus indeed encourages and cultivates their talent to conquer the world.

1. MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (MIT): Finally Massachusetts Institute of Technology stands first in the list top universities. It was founded in 1861, when it was known as a small society of few handful people who were ambitious to show their invention and creations. Now it is complete university which stands apart for its achievement in arts, social sciences, management, humanities, and architecture and planning, science and technology established in five schools. The University is even known for encouraging sports activities; this institution gives its student job placements in their alumni’s companies creating a big part in world’s economy.Best education is not the only criteria for being best university these days. It takes all round personality development of the student for top most position. Students make a smart choice by choosing the college widely.


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