Upcoming /Emerging Technologies In Software Industry

Upcoming /Emerging Technologies In Software Industry To Dominate 2019

Technology can change with the blink of your eye. Each day your heart about the latest technology that can make your life easier and comfortable. So, what will happen in 2019? Read ahead to know about the emerging or upcoming technologies that can make an impact on everyone’s life.

Seamless Voice RecognitionSeamless voice recognition can make  your machines or applications recognize your voice and follow your command. The technology can improve productivity and customer experience as it will become accessible to all people around the world. So, you can control the smart appliances, smartphones, and smartphones with just your voice.

5GYour mobile phone experience will transform drastically with the introduction of 5G. It saves energy, reduces cost, offers high system capacity, reduces latency, and offers massive device connectivity. So, in 2019, you can expect to enjoy the next generation of mobile internet.

Driver less carsHave you seen the sci-fi movie that has driverless cars?  It will become a reality in the coming year (thanks to Tesla). One of the major breakthroughs in the software industry is the self-driving car. The autonomous car can sense the environment to maneuver through one place to another with little or no human input.

AIArtificial Intelligence has evolved from the Sci-Fic phase to reality.  You have experienced the AI in narrow doses in the form of SIRI or automated cars. But, in future, you can see the progress of AI that combined with human intelligence can improve productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Prescriptive AnalyticsThe Big Data can make significant changes in the business sector. You see more on the business analytics that helps you determine the best possible approach for a specific business circumstance. So, you can access the ideal solution to overcome the business problems without wasting time, effort or money.

UI Over HaulYou can expect a complete User Interface overhaul.  So, you can expect the best readability ondevices as an improved response to the touch inputs. Isn’t it cool? The UI overhaul can change your mobile and gaming experience.

Edge ComputingBusinesses can use the edge computing for streamlining the traffic flow from the different Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The real-time data analysis at the edge of the network instead of the centralized data processing warehouse can speed up the processes

.ARAugmented Reality is a technology capturing the imagination of user around the globe. Next year you can see the advancements of AR in several sectors, mainly entertainment and gaming. It has the potential to improve task efficiency. So, the enhanced quality of output can improve the user experience.

VRVirtual Reality is very famous in the gaming industry. But, it has a future in other areas of life too. The technology that places you in a digital environment with the help of software makes you feel that you are actually present there. So, from virtual shops, education, real-estate, to healthcare, you can see VR penetrating into different areas of life.It is a known fact that a technology that is new today can fade with time. In its place, you get much more sophisticated technology. So, 2019 provides hope to everyone with the new software technology with the potential to change your life.


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