Why do we sing “Happy birthday to you”?

Did you know the happy birthday song is patented and needs permissions to be sung wherever it is? Well, not most of us are aware of that. However, the happy birthday song has been sung for a long time throughout the years as tradition. But where did it originate from? Why do we even sing the words that we sing?Well, the song is expected to have been originated in the late 1800's. the lyrical tune as we all know it these days, has been different compared to what it is these days. If rumors and history are to be believed then it was sung as good morning to all. Nevertheless, the composers born, Kentucky born sisters- Patty and Mildred hill, Yed it as a song for kindergarten kids in the year 1893 and it has retained its beauty and tune till this day.

But how did it spread across the world and how it became a birthday song is still unclear to the people all over the world. Assumptions and theories keep making their rounds and some have been touted to be as close as it gets. In theory is to be believed, the good morning song had a nice ring to it and people customized it to suit their needs to fulfill it during the birthday. Because there was no definite birthday song as such, the older song was changed so

that it can be accommodated in the occasion.Even though the original lyrics were recorded in the early 1900's the Ying of the song took place only after 1930. The birthday song became so popular that it propagated like the meme theory all over the world and people started adapting it for its simplicity and good to sing tunes. The only drawback was that the Hill sisters never got any credit for the original song which triggered a wave of popularity once it was out there.

The issue was huge, and the copyright case is widespread and was eventually ruled in favor of the original writers. To this day, the right stands and it is illegal to perform the song publicly on any forum whatsoever. Although, there is a clause which confirms that the song will be passed on to a public domain only after the year 2030 which is going to be a pretty long wait for people wanting to exploit their talents.But did you know that the EU set the copyright expiration on 31 st December 2016?


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