World Yoga Day 2015

World Yoga Day 2015

yoga day 2015

yoga day 2015


History was created, when World Yoga Day was celebrated simultaneously, in 192 countries on 21st June. Indian Government applied to the Guinness World Records as it was the biggest ever event of such kind. It was Prime Minister of India, Mr. Modi’s proposal that got overwhelming support from 177 nations to celebrate it on grand scale all over the world.

The proposal was placed in September 2014 to observe International Yoga Day at the UN General Assembly which was passed in December 2014 and was not opposed by even a single country. That’s a record of it’s own kind.
Leaving Yemen, the celebration took place in all the countries. Yemen was an exception where just recently Indian Embassy had to be shut down due to war.

Despite Pakistan’s refusal to issue Visa for our trainer, Yoga was performed in Embassy premises in Islamabad as per the government sources. Even in India there were lots of conflicting talks, due to political reasons despite Modi Government’s clear message that the act was voluntary and not binding on anyone. Even chanting of Om was not made mandatory respecting the religious feelings of all religions.

Reports interestingly show that 47 Islamic Countries took part out of 177 countries which sponsored the event. They were found to be very keen to participate in the program.

Surya Namaskar, which became an issue was not made the part of this 35 minute Yoga Protocol. The Foreign minister Sushma Swaraj said that the idea was to create simple postures but Surya Namaskar has 12 postures which should not be performed if the person has Spondilitis etc. hence was abandoned.

The mega event took place at the Rajpath with a gathering of around 37,000 people, along with the many who performed in 650 districts all over India. Over 11 lakh NCC cadets, 9 lakh Armed Police Forces also performed yoga in their respective field units. In south, Bangalore city had the biggest gathering at Kanteerava Stadium, with nearly 5,000 participants. The Art of Living (AOL), a non-governmental organization engaged in stress-management and service initiatives, conducted several sessions across the city. PM Modi could not resist himself, seeing the enthusiasm and performed yoga along with all the participants making it talk of the day and the Rajpath turned into Yog Path.

“Yoga is India’s hidden treasure” stated Home Affairs Ministry employee Urmisha Nandi. U.S. Ambassador Richard Verma was among the participants. Talking about misconception about Yoga Prime minister said it’s not just physical. Bending your body and being flexible is not yoga or else all circus guys would have been great Yogis. Asanas or the poses are just the small part of the entire concept. The Journey has begun now, he said.
The preparation was not left to any chance. Every minute details were studied & taken care of. Thousands of security personnel, workers and government officials worked round-the-clock. Met department had predicted possible rains and thunderstorm in the Capital so the authorities had called the army to avoid a last-minute disaster. Due to the presence of Guinness observers, it was mandatory to see that the number of mats that were to be laid are there in place. The event broke the last record made at Gwalior in 2009

As per the plan 140 crore will be spent for the International Yoga Day and yoga promotions in India and abroad over the next year. On the other hand opposition flayed the Yoga day plan saying it’s simply waste of time and money.
Modi dressed in white with tri colored Stoll, followed each and every instructions along with all looking absolutely relaxed, doing breathing and balancing with ease. Modi has been lauded by many for the yoga initiative all over.
Two coins of Rs 10 and Rs 100 and a stamp was also released on this occasion, by the Govt. From Ankor Wat to Time Square the celebrations were full on.


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