Difference between Test tube baby and Surrogacy

Every couple dreams of a child who makes the family complete. It is a dream of every female to be a mother and nurture life. But sometimes due to various factors, few couples find it difficult to conceive. Now, after the advancement of Science and lots of researches, it is found that infertility in males is treatable. Indian society in ancient ages was embarrassed by discussing infertility and abstained themselves by talking over this serious matter. The incapability of producing a child is stressful for any female who wants to be a mother. This incapability might be with the man as well as women. And this is the time when the couple needs to visit their doctor and discuss the issues of conceiving. Sometimes the issues are life-threatening when the couple goes for different options like test-tube baby and surrogacy without proper consultation.

The above-mentioned treatments are quite common these days. It is a blessing for couples who have been planning to have a child but failed to conceive. Now the couples can enjoy parenthood even after facing issues related to infertility. But there are various misconceptions and confusions which make it difficult for parents to adopt any kind of method. Here we are going to discuss the difference between test-tube baby and surrogacy so that all couples may find it helpful and be blessed with a healthy baby.

Test-Tube Baby

test tube baby
In Vitro fertilization is also termed as a test tube baby where a woman with infertility is under observation with medication until she produces mature eggs. At this point, the doctor removes the egg through the egg removal procedure and blends it with the sperm of a man outside the body in a special container. The sperm may be of the father of the child or a donor as well. These specialized doctors are experts in keeping the sperms and the eggs in a special container for a few days in their laboratory. After this procedure, the development of embryos is regularly observed and once the complete development of embryos, it is set in the female's fallopian tube through the 'embryo transfer' procedure. It is the time when the fallopian tube gets attached to the embryo which makes a woman pregnant. The test-tube baby is a gamble once it is done perfectly. It is sometimes very emotional for a few couples.

Surrogacy treatment

Sometimes when the female is not able to carry a baby inside her womb or infertility occurs in females, due to a few medical reasons, surrogacy is opted to become a parent. In this procedure the couple who are not able to conceive, hire a surrogate mother. She then carries the child in her womb. The Mother’s eggs are taken out at the right time when they are fertile and are placed with high motility sperm from the father for a donor.

Once the eggs are mature and sperms are successfully transferred in embryo, it is transferred into the surrogate mother's fallopian tube or uterus in a zygote condition to complete the procedure of fertilization. After nine months, the surrogate mother gives birth to the baby. The original couple invites the new member of the family. Genetically, the baby remains of the first Guardians. It is the surrogate mother, who carries the baby and delivers it to them.

It is very important to understand the seriousness of this matter. It is alright to discuss this matter with your family and friends. Both treatments are done through IVF treatment which has brought happiness to those couples who had longed for a child. There are various IVF centers across India that are able enough in giving the correct treatment by understanding and analyzing the depth of the issue.

Happy parenting!!!

Rajesh Pandey

(Chief Editor)


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