Sunset in Kanyakumari Sight View

Sunset in Kanyakumari- an unforgettable sight from a memorable holiday

Ever imagined yourself, watching the majestic sun, setting beautifully with all its glory rightful position up in the sky, while silvery afternoons lapping up on your toes? This entire excerpt seems like a fairy tale out from the pages of a book. What if this can be experienced for real? This is what you get to see for Sunset in Kanyakumari are no less than witnessing such a pristine and picturesque display of the beauty of nature.

The Location-

Kanyakumari, India's southernmost tip is a spectacularly beautiful place. Kanyakumari sits at the extreme southernmost tip of the mainland of India. Kanyakumari is the spot where the massive Indian sub-continent gently gives way to the blue seas. It is the place where the land ends.The tip of peninsular India, the Kanyakumari beach is sure not a disappointment to tourists who flock here in thousands all through the year.

The Weather-

The weather here in Kanyakumariis not cold, rather humid so you can watch the Sunset in Kanyakumari wearing relaxed food. In fact the weather is soothing. Also the seafood is very famous here. So a post lunch sunset tour is a great plan after which you can go for an evening shopping spree.

Famous food-

When you are here you just cannot miss on the lip smacking banana chips and the tasty appam one of their local specialities. MaravazhiKilangu is fish preparation with tapioca is also something to try out and is one of the famous food of this place.

Shopping market-

There are many shopping options here and mostly you will get religious souvenirs. There are many stacks or stalls that you will get on the beach. Tamil Nadu is famous for its handicraft and furniture market so you can also halt at the SriKanya Handicrafts which has great products.

Sunset in Kanyakumari and Other attractions-

If Mother Nature hasn't by now fulfilled your inner self you can check out the ridiculous view from one of the largest aqueducts in Asia or indulge in some serious playtime at the seaside waterpark. If you're attracted to water, there is plenty of it. Not only will you find the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal at your doorstep lapping beaches surfaced in multi-colored sands, but the Thirparappu Waterfalls also fall 50 feet onto the River Kodayar. For those seeking treasure, mystic, historic or artistic adventure, there are many temples, memorials, forts and palaces that won't disappoint. Kanyakumari has also got deep religious aspiration since the name of the place literally means virgin girl which is a form of the Goddess Parvati. Goddess Kumari Amman in her temple sports a diamond nose ring of such quality and brightness they closed the eastern sea gate as ships had drifted off course thinking it a lighthouse.

The Kanyakumari beach is rocky and treacherous and boasts of a manmade wall to protect the shores. The sand here is an exquisite enmesh of colours and hues - a mesmerizing realization and reminder of the confluence of nature’s sublimity. The harsh sea crashes against the rocks and challenges the strength of human against that of nature, as one gets drenched in the white showers that spray across the beach. Though the beach is not a traditional one which allows a tourist to bask in the golden sands or to frolic in the waves, it is a refreshing change. The main beach area is guarded by wires and fences beyond which, huts and benches are put up for visitors to relax and enjoy the calm that this place has to offer. The sea and its power are a beauty to watch as it beats the shore, subsidies and prepares itself for the next strike. The sight here is beautiful, more so on full moon days and during sunsets.Mode of Travel- Planning a trip to Kanyakumari is easy. You can fly into the Trivandrum international airport and drive down to the seashore here. You can also travel by road or on the rail as there are plenty of convenient trains and buses. There are plenty of hotels in Kanyakumari that you could explore if you are planning an overnight or weekend stay.Kanyakumari is the perfect backdrop for a shutterbug who is looking for destinations to expand his travelogue. A trip to Kanyakumari can be an exhilarating experience. An additional appeal is the wonderful natural scenic beauty of the place. The palm-fringed or rock dotted beaches in Kanyakumari are an ideal retreat and are sure to leave a beautiful picture in the tourist's mind that lingers on forever. The sun, sky, land, wind and the beautiful sea which are believed to have created life, conjure up a sight that is a pleasure to behold.


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