Francois Gerard Georges Nicolas Hollande, the motivated French President.

Francois Gerard Georges Nicolas Hollande, the motivated French President.

He was born in in the year of 1954 on 12th August and is the president of France since 2012. He was previously acting as the First Secretary of the French Socialist Party from the year of 1997 to 2008 and was also the Mayor of Tulle. He was born in Rouen to mother Nicole Frederique Marguerite Tribert and father Georges Gustave Hollande who was a successful doctor practicing ENT. Being raised as a Catholic he became completely skeptical in his later life. Right this moment he considers himself an atheist but respects all religions no matter what. He attended a private school which was also Catholic and then studied law before attending the Institute of Politics in Paris.

Immediately after his graduation from college, he was appointed as the Counselor in the Court of Audit. He also worked for 5 years in the campaign of Mitterrand as a student which was eventually a failure and after that only he attended the Socialist Party. His talents were spotted by Jacques Attali who advised him to stand in the election for the French national Assembly in the year 1981. But he lost anyway. Afterwards he became the special adviser of Mitterrand when he was finally elected as the new president. in the 2004 regional elections Hollande was spotted as a potential candidate for becoming the president. But there were much political strife’s which created resistance in his path of success.

He was re- elected as the first secretary of the socialist party in 2005 but gradually his hold and authority over the party started to decline despite his efforts. No one remained calm but blamed him for the poor performances of the Socialist Party in the elections of 2007 and was called off from becoming the secretary for the next campaign. But he never lost hope and continued fighting his fight for the righteousness. After his immediate resignation as the first secretary Hollande immediately got reelected as the president of the General Council of Correze in April 2008 and hence replaced Jean-Pierre-Dupont. Hollande was a resourceful being whose economic reforms became very popular among the crowd and he was successful in reducing the share of electricity generation which was the result of the Nuclear power force in France by fifty percent.

He also revised many reforms towards the promotion of education by recruiting about 60,000 new teachers for each and every department. He also increased the employment chances for the newly graduates and the individuals with talent. He also supported the fact of same sex marriage among the society and also passed a bill which legalized it to a maximum level. Hollande indeed with his lifelong social work has proved to become the worthy president of France.

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