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Dr. Manmohan Singh, the honorary Past Prime Minister of India – Dirt Sheet Magazine

Manmohan Singh has broken the record by being the first ever sikh prime minister of the country and not only that, his tenure of governance was one of a kind because as he got reelected for the second time after completing former five years of his title. This was the case with only one other prime minister of the country that is Jawaharlal Nehru.

His educational career was boosted up to a new level when he secured a doctorate from the Oxford University in the subject of economics. He worked for the foreign United Nations for three years before joining hands with Lalit Narayan Mishra who appointed him as the chief advisor of the foreign trade ministry. Before his step and role as the prime minister of India he worked under several titles for the government of our country. He was the chief economic advisor of the Government, was also appointed as the governor of the reserve bank of India. He was previously appointed as the finance Minister of India when there was a huge economic failure that hit the country bad during 1991. Surprisingly his reforms made a drastic change and made other leader to think of his potential and how his role as a prime minister would affect the country.  His tenure as the prime minister was indeed a development phase for the entire country but he also had to face many charges against his government which led to his acquisition from the post. The charges of monetary issues against the Commonwealth Games, the 2Gband apportionment and the coal blocks distribution all hit his government so hard that finally in 2014 he decided to step down from his post of minister ship. Manmohan Singh never got the membership of the Lok sabha, but however he is still an active member of the Indian Parliament where he is the representation of the state of Assam since the year of 1991.

He was born in a simple Punjabi family who migrated to India after the partition of Pakistan. He was always a meticulous student from childhood, the proof of which is his degrees that he had received over the years. His first educational terms were started in the Hindu College followed by the University of Punjab which is situated in Chandigarh where he acquired a bachelors and masters in the field of economics. He was always able to acquire the first position in his academic career throughout. Later he got his PHD in the Economics from the University of Cambridge in London. His academics did not stop after a PHD, he acquired a D.Phil from the University of Oxford in the same filed of Economics and made himself the master of the subject.  He even got to write a famous book named “India’s Export trends and Prospects for Self Sustained Growth”.


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