Priyanka chopra and Nick Jonas wedding

Wedding season has hit the Bollywood. And, our PeeCee (Priyanka Chopra) is all set to tie a knot with her love of life “Nick Jonas”. A lot of speculations were made regarding the relationship status of this duo. But they have now officially declared their relationship, after getting engaged recently. It is said that they will be getting married in December this year (2018). Let us learn some more interesting facts about this gorgeous couple.

How it all started..!!

So, everyone is quite eager to know how the two love birds from entirely different parts of the world met and fell for each other. Nick Jonas is a 25 years old pop star and Priyanka Chopra is 35 year old Bollywood actress who is also main lead in Hollywood small screen shows. And, here is the story.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas met through a mutual friend named Graham. Graham worked with Priyanka in “Quantico” and then they became friends. After that they both (Priyanka and Nick) attended Met Gala together. This unusual pairing got a lot of attention then. However, when asked by Jimmy Kimmel in a talk show, Priyanka said it was just a coincidence.

After the month of May 2018, the news came out that they both have started dating each other. Some sources said at that time that they are still casual and are just hanging around together.

After this they were seen together in Beauty and the Beast Live In Concert at Hollywood Bowl. There interaction started on a chat and they dated each other just as everyone does. These meetings and conversations resulted in a committed relationship and they are now engaged.

Priyanka and Nick’s engagement:

It didn’t take them long to understand that they are made for each other. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got engaged by the end of July - 2018, hardly after two months of dating each other. They confirmed their engagement on Instagram in August 2018. Nick had arrived to India with his family and here they both got engaged as per Indian customs. The engagement ring that Nick Jonas got for Priyanka is an exquisite one and as per gemologist the ring of that size and diamond quality costs around INR 2.1 Crore.

Nick’s family said that they have never seen Nick in such a happy mood. He is really happy and serious about his and Priyanka’s relationship.

Life after Engagement

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are having a great time together. They prefer to spend time with each other as soon as they get the chance. They keep on sharing their pics together on their Instagram account. Each of the pic shows the love and the strong bond they have. According to the sources marriage is soon to happen. Till then the couple has decided to spend most of the time together so that they can plan for the special day to come.Priyanka Chopra was on a visit to India, to sign up few projects. During that visit she signed a project of the movie Bharat (opposite Salman Khan). But, now she is no more the part of the project. She opted out of this project soon after signing it. Hence the speculations are that she is soon going to get married to NIck.

Priyanka and Nick are having great time together after engagement. Priyanka had recently thrown a birthday party for Nick. They travelled to Oklahoma. They couple was accompanied by friends and family. Things are happening so quick that it all seems to be happening by God’s grace. They both felt connected and then got engaged after dating for such a short span of time.

According to an interview with “E News”, Priyanka is very much excited about her relationship with Nick and very much loves it. Nick also admitted that it all happened so quickly and it happened because of the fact that they both feel connected to each other in more than one ways. The most important thing that connected them, as per Nick, was their love for family and faith in each other.

Both of them are in great mood for the wedding preparations. Priyanka has recently thrown a bachelorette party in Amsterdam. She also invited Sophie Turner to this party. Sophie and Priyanka are now going to be the part of same family as they are soon going to be sister-in-laws. Sophie will soon be getting married to Joe (Nick’s brother). Nick, on the other hand, has got some customized gifts for his groomsmen. The groomsmen include Nick’s brothers - Joe, Frankie and Kevin and Priyanka’s brother Siddhartha will also be one the Nick’s groomsmen. Nick has got customized Lime scooters for all his 11 groomsmen.

Got married officially

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got married officially last week. They received the marriage license at Beverly Hills courthouse. Prior to this Priyanka had her wedding shower in Manhattan at Tiffany’s & Co. store.

What’s the wedding date?

Well guys, this is still a mystery. It seems that the duo may tie a knot by end of this year (2018). The sequence of events such as Priyanka’s Bachelorette party, Nick’s customized gifts for groomsmen and Priyanka’s wedding shower, evidently shows that the duo is not going to wait much. However, the dates are still not declared. We wish that they soon declare the dates as it will be a great update for their fans.


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