How to save children from the sexual abuse at public place?

Child sexual abuse causes immense damage to a child's social, emotional, and cognitive development. As humans and as a part of society, we must take the responsibility to prevent child sexual abuse. We can initiate this step by supporting the policies and services those goals for the development of children, their health, and safety.

For a country like India, it is necessary to promote public education. Everyone should know that it is not the responsibility of a single person to prevent child sexual abuse. Not just for India, child abuse should be considered as a global issue.

According to a report released by the WHO in 2002, around 70 million boys and 150 million girls have experienced sexual abuse in numerous forms. These kids are the future of the nation, so everyone must take initiative steps to prevent sexual abuse. 

The thing is that sexual abuse can happen to a child irrespective of race, religion, and culture. Never hesitate to call 100 if you ever get to know that your child is a victim of sexual assault. And if you are not sure, but can sense that something is wrong, then you should take steps to find out what's going on and put an end to it. 


By taking some precautions, you can protect your child from sexual abuse. 


  1. Involve in the life of your child. 

It will help you to know if there are any warning signs or not. Spending more time with your child makes the bond between you two stronger. Try to be friends with your kid, so that if something unfortunate happens, he/she can comfortably talk about it with you. 

Start showing interest in his/her daily life. You should know about the people your child daily interacts with. Ask him/her details about the people with whom he/she spends most of the time. Start knowing their best friends, teachers, coaches, classmates, etc.

Whether it is an after school activity or your child's tuition classes, always look for a healthy environment that can help in the growth of your child. We all are aware of the fact that prevention is better than cure. Ask your child to watch news channels. Media covers the incidence of sexual violence. Watching such things will help your child to understand what sexual abuse looks like and what he can do in such situations as a victim. 

Whether it's happening to your child or someone else's, always remember that you have that potential to make a difference in his/her life. 


  1. Encourage your child to speak up: 


When you know that there is someone who can listen and understands you, it gives you the courage to speak up when things go wrong. Teach your child about personal boundaries and how it's inappropriate to cross that boundary. Let them know that nobody has the right to touch them uncomfortably, and their body only belongs to them. This also concludes that they too don't have any right to touch any other child, even their best friends if the other person is not comfortable. From an early age, start teaching your child the name of the body parts and which of them are private body parts which means that whenever somebody touches their private body parts, they have to come up to you and tell you. 

From your busy schedule, take some time for your child and give them your attention. Let them know that no matter what happens, you are always going to love them the same way as you do now.  


  1. Educate the public: 


Educate the people around you; let them know the true nature of child sexual abuse. Ask them to help children and speak up for them. We need to break the silence that surrounds the issue of child sexual abuse. 


  1. Mental health services:


A victim of sexual abuse may face long-term mental disturbance. Providing mental health services at the right time can help them to get rid of mental illness. Ask the policymakers to provide mental health services to those who became a victim of child sexual abuse. 


  1. Explore new approaches: 


The problem with our system is that appropriate actions are taken only after something bad happens. The Indian system has always been concerned about providing justice to those who have been abused sexually. There is no program or policy available that can prevent them from getting sexually abused. We should come up with new solutions to prevent children from sexual abuse. Schools should start giving education to the students regarding sexual abuse and how to deal with them. Not only schools but the government should also start different programs. Strict laws should be made for this because child sexual abuse is against basic human rights. 

We all have to unite and fight against this taboo of child sexual abuse. Always remember, your small help can save a small life. 



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