Benefits and side effects of Protein supplements

Having the share of goodness directly from food is the best. However, Protein supplements have many health advantages. Protein supplements help in getting lean muscles that work well with people who are involved with bodybuilding. Also, protein is important when an individual desires to lose weight.

Here are the benefits of protein supplements:

•    Balances your nutrition:

Many a time due to time crunch or availability issues dawning on the right amount of protein is what and individual lacks. In such a scenario, a Protein supplement works best to provide you with complete nutrition.  

•    Helps in losing weight:

When you take protein supplements one of the greatest advantages is the journey to weight loss becomes much easier. More so because protein supplements are heavy on your stomach and hence tend to keep it fuller for a long time. Now if you are not hungry then you do not tend to binge eat. Thus protein supplements help in keeping yours from overindulging. 

•    Muscle increase

Lean muscles are developed if you take protein supplements.  Whey protein supplements in this context is really helpful. For extra strength training, it gives the energy that the body requires to function. 

However, taking protein supplements has also shown considerable side effects as well. 

Here are the side effects of taking protein supplements:

•    May Cause Liver Damage

When there is absolute carb cut off with just intake of protein supplements, like in ketogenic diet, the body burns the fat for energy consumption.  However, this points to large blood acidosis. Constantly raised blood acidity is comprehended to weaken functions of the liver leading to disorders.

•    It can produce pimples and zits

when protein is understood to enhance the creation of an insulin-like growth agent. This can be a catalyst in sebum creation and drive to building up of acne. 

•    Upset Digestive System

The two most common protein supplements — casein protein and whey protein both of which are obtained from milk. Being rich in lactose they pose harm to individuals who are lactose intolerant. They can cause severe acidity.


•    Can Disturb Hormones

Another protein supplements side effect is Hormonal dis-balance. The hormonal disorder is a significant problem when it befalls to soy-based protein complements. While soy is abundant in necessary amino acids, it is also filled with phytoestrogen. When this Phytoestrogen, is consumed, it copies the estrogen hormone and affects the endocrine system badly. Also, 90% of protein supplements that use soy is modified genetically. The genetically altered soy includes a compound named glyphosate, which is effective for hormonal irregularity, digestive malfunction, and even pregnancy disorders. 

•    Might Harm Kidneys

When considerable amounts of protein supplements are drunk over a prolonged time, there is an enhanced opportunity for growing renal complications. The disorder of kidneys, visibility of stones, and even kidney malfunction is the feasible side outcomes of using protein complements in excess amounts.

Thus having protein supplements has both benefits as well as side effects. It is advised to check with your nutritionist or doctor once before consumption for safer means. 



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