Uncovered Story Of Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Everyone around the world has heard the name Bermuda Triangle and the mysteries surrounding it. The infamous region is also the most feared among people. Most of it is attributed to the wild rumors surrounding it. It is wildly known as the area, where several ships and planes have disappeared without a trace. Not much is known about the fate of the passengers in it, fueling further rumors. Unfortunately, people link the disappearance of the ships and airplanes to the supernatural presence. So, it is also referred to as Devil’s triangle. The actual mystery surrounding the place has more to do with the conspiracy theories surrounding it. Several authors and creative thinkers have projected their wildest fantasies onto the Bermuda Triangle and credit the disappearance to paranormal causes, aliens, lost civilization of Atlantis, and other interesting concepts.

Origin Of Bermuda Triangle

The term Bermuda Triangle came into existence in 1964 and appeared first in the Argosy magazine. Coined by Vincent H. Gaddis, it defines the 500,000 square miles (approx.) area of ocean between the Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda vertices. Gaddis in his article suggests the disappearance of several ships and planes in the specific region. But, the unexplained accidents in the region never went unnoticed as George X. Sands mentions it in his report Yed in the Fate magazine in 1952. The term becomes popular after the publication of the book, Limbo of the Lost by John Wallace Spencer. The book discusses the triangle in detail. A documentary about the region called The Devil’s Triangle cemented its infamous status among people. After the publication of the bestselling book The Bermuda Triangle in 1974, the place attained legendary status. So, the area became referred to as Hoodoo Sea.

Tragedies Associated With The Region

Some notable incidents have provided fuel to give the cult status to Bermuda Triangle. Among them, the most infamous ones are:

  • The disappearance of the US Navy collier Cyclops resulting in the largest life loss of 309 crew members. The incident occurred after 4th March 1918 when the ship carrying manganese ore disappeared without a race after departing from Barbados.
  • The most famous incident is the disappearance of Flight 19. The training flight with torpedo bombers disappeared on 5th December 1945 while traveling over Atlantic.
  • Star Tiger and Star Ariel, the passenger flights of British South American Airways disappeared on Jan 30th, 1948 and 17th January 1949 respectively.
  • Douglas DC-3 disappeared with 32 onboard on 28th December 1948 while traveling from San Juan to Miami.
  • A pleasure yacht, Connemara IV on 26th September 1955 was drifting in the Atlantic Ocean without any crew on onboard. The fate of the crew members remains a mystery till today.

Several other incidents also occurred in the region has put fear in the minds of people regardingthe region.

Actual Mystery Behind Bermuda Triangle

The region of the sea has certainly endured several tragedies. But, it is not an uncommon occurrence. It is the heaviest traveled area of the ocean around the globe. It has heavy air and water traffic, which makes it prone to accidents. Some common issues that result in accidentsand disappearances of people are:

  • The hazardous weather in the region makes the traveling risky and unpredictable. The hurricanes and dangerous waves can cause problems to the air and water travelers.
  • Another common problem scientist suggest is the magnetic anomaly. The strange issue can affect the compass readings leading to navigational errors.
  • One of the theories suggested by the scientific community is the methane eruptions occurring from the floor of the ocean. It can turn the sea into a foam making it difficult to support a ship’s weight.

Whatever the reason that makes the area susceptible to accidents, it has maintained its popularity among people. Even with the latest technological advances, the place can invoke a sense of impending danger in you.


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