Female Sexual Problem | Type | Causes


A Sexual Dysfunction or Sexual problem is a stage when an individual or a couple is unable to feel or experience the satisfaction from sexual activity. When the couple faces problem during any stage of sexual response cycle that limits them from the contentment, is worth visit doctor. A sexual Response Cycle involves excitement, plateau, orgasm, and finally resolution. During the series of physical and emotional changes, the body becomes sexually active. If a woman faces any difficulty during any phase of the sexual response cycle like painful intercourse, headache, chest pain or pain in any part of the body, it might be a symptom of the sexual problem. The problem can affect women at any stage of life.

For a few women, it can only be at one stage of time or they might experience it throughout their lives. Major sexual problems are easily curable by an expert doctor or physician.

In order to find or examine this dysfunction, the doctor might investigate through a physical exam and evaluate the symptoms of this problem. A pelvic examination of the condition of reproductive parts and Pap smear to find changes in cervix cells are performed to examine any sexual dysfunction. The problem is treated by curing physical and psychological causes, like providing sex education, improving stimulation through erotic books and videos and decreasing pain during intercourse by using lubricants.


Female Sexual Problem can be a result of both physical and psychological reasons at any phase of life. She might experience this problem once or twice or maybe throughout her life.

Physical Causes of Female Sexual Problem: Women might face sexual problems due to any physical reason i.e. within their body. Any sort of illness can be a reason of sexual dysfunction, it can be

1. Neurological Disease

2. Diabetes

3. Hormonal Imbalance

4. Heart Disease5. Chronic Diseases like liver failure, kidney disease, and alcohol or drug addiction6. Allergies or side effect of a few medications like anti-depression drugs

Psychological Causes of Female Sexual Problem: There are psychological causes for female dysfunction. It may be anxiety and stress, marital status, depression, stress at work, guilt or over concern about sexual performance.

Types of Female Sexual Problem

There are mainly four types of female sexual dysfunction:

1. Desire Disorder: Low libido or Libido Disorder affects interest in sex or lack sexual desire. It is caused due to low testosterone and estrogen levels.

2. Arousal Disorder: Due to this type of disorder, it becomes difficult or at times impossible to be aroused physically during sexual activities. In this disorder, the person remains interested in sex but unable to get any satisfaction.

3. Orgasm Disorder: This disorder causes delayed or absence of orgasm. It is quite common in women. Low libido, stress, hormonal changes and sometimes pain during sex can cause absent or delayed orgasm.

4. Pain Disorder: This type of dysfunction includes pain during sexual intercourse. UTI, menopause, vaginismus, or vaginal dryness causes pain during intercourse.

Sexual dysfunction can be treated by various remedies. It is always advised to consult a doctor for such kind of situations and problems.


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