How to overcome Stress, anxiety, and depression?

In the modern world, the concept of stress, anxiety, and depression have become very synonyms to regular emotional reactions.  From job to the deadline to other work related to eventually lead few people into either hence stress, anxiety, or depression. These three elements can affect human psychology and other aspects of life very brutally.  Hence one should always know how to battle these three elements in life.


Below mentioned are a few tips on how to tackle stress anxiety and depression.


Fruits that beat stress anxiety and depression-


  • Avocados a very good stress buster as vitamin B present in the avocado works healthy nerves and brain cells do when the stress levels are extreme vitamin B helps in combating it.


  • Banana having a banana is great when one depressed as bananas are said to increase the serotonin level in which helps a depressed person to overcome and beat the feeling.


Activities that help one overcome the three elements:


Bird watching this is one such activity that is proven to improve mental health according to a recent study it has been found that if you living in a neighborhood that is surrounded by trees and chopping boards then it lowers your chances of suffering from stress and anxiety.

Nature plays an important role to lower your stress hormones.  A visual observation like bird watching is indeed relaxing which affects your psychological imbalance and not charge it to a balanced state of mind.



Zinc is a vital element when it comes to death this is because of the low level of zinc and triggered A Drop in the immune system which has a subsidiary effect in your stress levels and thus mood swings occur.  Taking food rich in zinc or zinc supplement works as an antidepressant and reduces the stress level at a faster pace



Yoga is one such physical activity that is proved to improve your mental condition and it comes down the person who suffers from and anxiety.  Yoga is known for its bombing effect and it helps in bringing mental clarity and brain functionality.  Yoga helps in balancing your everyday work as your mind strikes the right chord between the mind and body harmony.  Every day in the morning or at a suitable time finds a quiet place to do some yoga. The breathing techniques in Yoga also attend to the respiratory and thus enhances which in turn improves blood circulation and the hormones in a healthy way.


Counseling sessions

Mental health is something of umpteen importance.  One who detects any kind of mental imbalance or stress the individual should immediately put the concerned matter in the hands of experts.  Negligence of mental health can be detrimental sessions, in this case, it can be very helpful checked and detected so that he or she can improve their present state of mind. Counseling has proven to be very effective when it comes to dealing with overcoming stress anxiety and depression most effectively.



Listening to music has always been helpful when someone is trying to overcome stress anxiety and depression. Music has a Calming sense of the soul.  Thus it is recommended to music therapy or just listen to some soothing music and does the anxiety levels will be much controlled.


Hence with the above-mentioned remedies, one can easily find a way to overcome levels of stress levels and their depression and anxiety issues in the most effectual manner. Also do not forget that chocolates are handy in this scenario as they help in secretion of dopamine. This dopamine is the happy hormone.


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