General workouts to stay healthy

Exercise is the solution to fitness at all ages. That is the genuine explanation, it should be a component of your everyday life-style and not an occasional venture attempted to just lose weight. Everyday fitness activity maintains body flexibility at any age. It is also crucial to recognize that such activity helps stop ailment and disease. It requires becoming important in your lifestyle.


If you are all set to start the light and general work out activities, then it will prove good for you. The workouts should never be skipped. If you want you may reduce the timing of it but regularity or even 5 times a week is a must. With that consideration let’s get started.


Here are some exercises that will help you to keep fit and healthy and stay tuned.


  1. Walk-Out- There is no greater activity than walking. Walking is one physical activity that involves the work of all the muscles in the body. It is very important to walk at least 10 to 15 minutes a day to really stay healthy and fit.



  1. Push-Up- The push-up is hands down the best, most complete upper body exercise in the world. There are multiple techniques to do a push-up.  Push-ups can make your body flexible and increase muscle functionality. Push-ups if done on a regular basis indeed strengthens all the muscles and helps to overcome abdominal fat quickly. If you are a beginner start off with small numbers. It is a great exercise for people who want to have triceps.

Push ups


  1. Squat- There are a million different ways of doing a squat however the simple squat basics are as follows. This exercise is a predominantly lower base exercise where the primary focus is the second half of the body. All the muscles of your lower body will be exercised in this activity. Keep your feet and shoulders wide apart. Now slowly bend in your knees go down a little and exhale to come up. Breathe in when going down. This can be done 15 to 20 times.



  1. Jumping jacks- The jumping jacks activity helps to tighten the muscles of the hands and legs. Also, it increases the over-all hand leg flexibility. In a jumping jack exercise, you need to keep your legs wide apart and then arms wide stretched. It is like as you jump the fit-out you bring the hands in. The in and out motion should be done keeping the toes and the knees in the same alignment. 

Jumping jacks



  1. Hip Bridge- The hip bridge exercise helps in shaping up your hip region and the glute muscles. Also if you do it correctly the abdomen muscles are also strengthened. In this exercise, lie flat on your back and slowly gather up your knees close and lift up the hip area such that it looks like an arch or what is seen as a bridge-like caving thing. Stay in this position at the count of 20 if you are just beginning. This exercise is just great for the lower lumbar region.

hip bridge



  1. Plank- Doing Planks every day is very effective in reducing your belly fat. It works on the muscles of the abdomen and thus makes you fit. In a plank, you need to rest your body weight on the hand and then lift your body up stressing on the abs. Hold the position for some time.


    So with the above 6 exercises what is important is that you make each and every part of your bodywork and thus add up to the wholesome functionality of every region. Exercise and stay healthy.


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