How to make sprout at home and how does it benefit us?

Sprouts are super healthy when added to our daily meals. We can enhance the nutritional value of any bean or grain with the help of sprouting. It's an easy process, but should be done with the right technique.

It's a process where legumes and seeds germinate when soaked in water, tear out their outer membranes making a young shoot to blossom. These sprouted grains are very nutritious and healthy for our bodies.


The right way to make sprout at home

Firstly, wash your legumes or seeds properly with clean drinking water. Then place them in a jar or a bowl and put some water in it. Water should always be in the double amount as of grains so that grains can absorb the water properly.

Now with the help of cheesecloth, cover the mouth of the container. Keep this container at room temperature for about 3 to 10 hours, depending on the type of grain you have picked. After 3-10 hours of soaking, drain out the water from the container and rinse then sprouts with fresh water. It may take 4-5 days for grain to sprout entirely. So, during these days, rinse the sprouts thoroughly twice a day. This way, they don't contaminate easily.


Now, let's talk about the benefits of eating sprouts.


1. Promote good digestion

They contain an immense amount of nutrients and minerals. These nutrients and minerals help in boosting up the metabolism. Enzymes present in them help in the breakdown of food. They are also a good source of high fiber. They reduce the presence of anti-nutrients which, usually cause problems when it comes to digestion.


2. Increase blood circulation

Adding sprouts in our daily meals can help in increasing the blood circulation of the body. They help in maintaining the red blood count by providing a significant amount of minerals like iron and copper. Further, enhance the supply of oxygen that optimizes the performance of various organs of the body. Healthy blood circulation also promotes strong hair growth.


3. Helps weight loss

If you want to lose weight, then sprouts can be a good option for you. With negligible calorie content and high nutritious value, they have become the favorite dietary food of people who want to lose weight. The high fiber content present in it, make you feel full all day and thus makes you feel less hungry. It's an ideal food for dieters. Breakfast is the best time to have it.


4. Improves eyesight and sexual health

Vitamin A present in a high amount in sprouts improves our vision health. Antioxidants present in it protect the eye cell from oxidative stress. Sprouts contain the element selenium in high amounts, which is responsible for sperm quality in men. It helps in preventing erectile dysfunction. So, men should include sprouts in their diet for better sexual health.


5. It prevents aging

Sprouts are filled with anti-aging properties and are beneficial for your skin. It prevents premature aging and gives you youthful, as well as glowing skin. The nutrients present in sprouts prevent wrinkles and unclog pores. The antioxidants present in it oppose cell-damaging free radicals, which are also a cause of premature aging. It's a magical diet for women.


6. Strengthen the immune system and heart health

Enrich with vitamin A and C sprouts increase the content of white blood cells in our body, thus making our immune system healthy. Sprouts also help in maintaining the pH level of the body. This way, you will be less likely to suffer from acidity.

They are a good source of omega3 fatty acids which are responsible for the regulation of cholesterol levels in the body.


All and all, it's an ideal food which can be consumed by anybody.


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