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People  cannot live without entertainment.  It’s a billion dollar industry today world over. From small scale to a very large scale companies are involved in entertainment. There’s wide range of possibilities of one can think of under this segment. Such activities provide welcome relief to most of the people who are involved in regular work and get bored of daily routine. People while traveling can play games on mobile or watch you tube or any such sites providing them some entertainment.  People back home enjoy watching TV and pass their time.


Besides TV,  the major providers of entertainment services to public in general is Movies. Be it Hollywood movies or Indian,  at National level or regional level there are lots of players and doing quite well in this industry. It is always growing to new heights with the advent of new technological advancements. Big screens, Improved photography and audio & video technologies bring real life experience to the people. It makes them forget their daily worries and get into the fantasy world.


Online communities brought such needs at different level altogether, hence many innovation came up like puzzle, riddles, interactive video games, much more advanced virtual reality games as well. These are improving the users experience even further and pulling them towards it more.


Intellectuals & creative people get their entertainment thru different way. They get involved in Poems, prose, books, blogs and such activities that uplifts them knowledge wise as well as make them enjoy their time and efforts.

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