Sun Set View at Brahmaputra River

Sun set on Brahmaputra River From Saraighat bridge

History of Saraighat bridge built over Brahmaputra River

First rail cum road road Saraighat bridge was started in 1958 and this is the most mesmerizing bridge on the Brahmaputra River in Kamrup, Guwahati (Assam). It was built for North frontier Railway. It has completed 60 years of its existence. This bridge is like an important link between our country and North east region. Saraighat is already a very famous historical place. This is the place where fight between Ahoms and Mughals took place.

Is this just a bridge or more than it?

This is not just a bridge; this is an important spot of the North East Region that keeps catching the attention of tourists. This bridge is the oldest one where vehicles can travel over railway line.

The beauty of the spot leaves you spellbound and flowing Brahmaputra River offers you breathtaking view every time. Calmness and serenity of the place is admiring as it makes you feel happy. People can feel the real and happy moment in the lap of nature.Getting great glimpse of mighty Brahmaputra River and a wonderful city view takes your heart away.

When you cross this bridge via train, you will really feel mesmerized while enjoying roaring majestic Brahmaputra River flowing underneath. Watching such a big water body from the train in day time can be a wonderful experience for you.

The old bridge and Majestic River: Perfect Eye Treat:

You can plan walk or drive through the bridge and feel beauty of sunset and sunrise in both the side of river. Sometime clear sky and roaring waves can be the perfect eye treat for the nature lovers. This tourist attraction connects directly Guwahati to the North.You can enjoy rather breathtaking view of deep river from the bridge. You just stand in between the bridge and observe the flowing river and roaring waves. This view will set in your heart and mind permanently. Down and dusk can be the best time and view to be captured in your DSLR camera.

Sun set on Brahmaputra River from Saraighat bridge:

During evening time, people come to enjoy sunset view filled with natural beauty and calmness. You can enjoy the amazing view at the time of sunset. Charismatic sight of the sun setting right into the majestic river while enjoying drive or standing in between the bridge can be the happiest moment of your life. It can be the best of little joys of life one can get.

Amazing hues of the dusk compels people sit and observe the wonderful universal phenomena. This can be an ideal spot for a romantic date and some magical clicks. Watching red sky with dim light in the water while the sun is setting can be a true joy. People can walk on the bridge and enjoy this orange and red sparkling off of the river.


The bridge is located near Kamakhya Rly Station in Guwahati.

Mode of travel

  • By Train: You need to reach Guwahati Railway station by train and then you can hire cab to reach Saraighat Bridge which is just 11 Kms away from the railway station. It hardly takes more than 15 minutes to reach to the destination or driving time is 15 minutes.
  • By Air: You can reach Guwahati Airport by air and Saraighat Bridge is just 14 Kms away from the airport. You can reach to bridge via auto rickshaws or local buses which are easily accessible.
  • Famous food: You should not skip enjoying Assam tea and warm Thukpa. The famous food of Guwahati is Momos, Chowmein, Luchi with chutney, Jhalmuri and much more.
  • Famous market: Adventure travellers can find full range of shopping experience. If you want to taste city culture, then go with local market, but you should choose visiting mall, if you are looking for latest trends.The place is famous for delicious sweets, handicraft products, traditional cloth and silk, you should visit popular market. You can visit fancy bazaar if you want shop local products. Paltan Bazar is well known for home décor items, furnishing and furniture. You can find best north-eastern garments, tea flavours, bamboo products and much more here. You should not skip visiting Pan Bazaar, Ganesh Guri, Dona Planet and much more.
  • Weather: This place experiences the subtropical humid climate. The average temperature range is between 19 and 28 degree Celsius. We can say weather is not extreme here.October to April can be the best time to visit this place as at this time, rainfall is scanty and temperature is not extreme.


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