Google Maps has just got a new feature that you may love and hate

Google has always aimed at discovering something new and surprising. It keeps upgrading its wide plethora of products, by introducing advanced features in them. Earlier, it was “OK Google”, then it was traffic indication on Google Maps and now it is again something to do with Google Maps.

This time the latest feature that is introduced in Google maps will help people to share their location with friends and family. People can keep others informed about their location by using this feature on Google Maps, without sending text or making a call. This feature was activated on Wednesday, 22nd March 2017. Isn’t that really great!!

However, for security reasons, users are allowed to share their location to selected persons. User can also decide that for how long his/her location should be shared. So, it is up to the discretion of user to turn ON/OFF this feature. If that control is not provided and this feature is set to ON always, then it could have been very torturous for teenagers and married couples as parents and spouses can constantly keep a watch on them. And, this could have negative impacts on their relationships. Therefore, Google has made a smart decision to leave it on the user’s discretion. So, no more fear to get caught.

There will be a button near search bar and you can tap it to turn ON/OFF the feature. This facility is available on App and web versions of Google map. And, another great feature is that you can also determine the duration for which your details should be shared. If you have not set the duration, then you will be notified by emails within regular intervals telling you that you are still sharing your details.
Great feature with awesome user-friendly approach. Google Rocks!!


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