Important Points For Plan A Baby



Pregnancy is considered a gift and blessing to married couples who have are planning for baby in near future. It is something very important to have a healthy pregnancy for a healthy baby. And for healthy pregnancy it is important to have healthy and clean habits to ensure a safe pregnancy. Following are few initial practices before planning a baby or even before getting pregnant:

Preconception Check-up: it is really important to have a check-up of both the partners to know their health conditions, which will let the couple know their current status of their body. at the same time, it will even detect and treat any chronic health condition of the couple if any. This will help to minimize the complication further.

Prenatal Vitamin: Prenatal Vitamin is a multivitamin with folic acid that helps to maintain essential and appropriate vitamins and minerals in body for pregnancy and breastfeeding. It helps the body to provide nutrients essential for pregnancy, fetus health, mother’s health and even after birth while breastfeeding. It helps to eliminate the risk of few birth defects and NTD (neural tube defect).Avoid intoxication: the couples who are planning a baby should make their life easy and free of complications. Smoking, drinking alcohol or taking tobacco in any form is hazardous for both mother and fetus.

Avoid hazards: the couple should ensure their health first and foremost because it’s ultimately their healthy being can improve the child birth. Male should avoid overheating and radiations as it harms sperm quality and sperm production. Female should ensure hygienic mensuration cycles ensure a safe pregnancy.

Health insurance checkup: when the couple plans a baby, they should go for health insurance as it helps them to get financial support. They should even check the covered medical and health issues and find out their financial expenses. It helps reduce the stress level later on.

Embrace healthy lifestyle: in order to have comfortable pregnancy and healthy baby, the couple should adopt a healthy lifestyle. It includes:

  • Healthy diet: it should include fresh fruits and vegetables, a balanced diet that is full of nutrition. Avoid snacking on fried food and red meat.
  • Exercise: exercise can be of any form but not physically draining. Even a brisk walk is very helpful. In case of overweight, after consultation with an expert go for weight loss exercises.
  • Proper sleep: a person needs a 7-8 hours’ sleep to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Waking till late at night and keeping one self sleep deprived is harmful.
  • Drinking water: keeping body hydrated is most important even for daily life. It helps to remove toxins from body. Limited use of caffeine is always advised for females who want to conceive in near future.

Consult a gynecologist: it is advised to consult a gynecologist for all kinds of confusions and solutions in order to have hazel free pregnancy. Avoid all kinds of consultations and advises from other sources because it just adds up confusion and make things complicated.

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