National Freedom Day

National Freedom Day

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Slavery! A word that brings disgust to the minds of the people around the world, but this was not the case more than a century ago. Slavery was quite evident at that time! The National Freedom Day is an observance that is been done by the United States of America, to honour the signing of the decree that abolished slavery by the then president Abraham Lincoln on February 1, 1865. The idea of celebrating this day was initiated by Major Richard Robert Wright Sr. and by the joint consent of the leaders, this day was declared as the National Freedom Day. The first commemoration of this day happened on February 1, 1942 and on June 30, 1948 the then president Harry Truman passed the ordinance to make February 1, 1942 as the first official observance.

This is a very important day especially for the African American inhabitants as this marks the day their ancestors were free from slavery and got equal rights as that of the whites. The present president of the country is needed to proclaim the 1st of February as the National freedom day.

To mark this important date, a wreath is laid at the Liberty bell. The wreath symbolises peace and equality. In the institutional centres, special programs and events may be organised to mark this day. Annual breakfasts, luncheons, musical entertainment, screening of films are some of the things that happen on this day. Many times, libraries and museums also make the theme for the day based on this event, educating the people on the historical amendment to the constitution. As this is just an observance there is no national holiday. This day is also of great importance to not only the Americans but also to the people of the world as it sends out a message of equality and peace.

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