Sonia Gandhi, the Italian Born Politician of the Country | Dirt Sheet

Sonia Gandhi, the Italian Born Politician of the Country | Dirt Sheet

Sonia Gandhi, the Italian born politician of the country.

She is the widow of Rajiv Gandhi who met her during his studies in abroad. He is an Italian lady who was the first of her kind to be appointed as the president of the Indian National Congress since the year of 1988. She also holds the record of serving the political of Congress for a long period of time. Although she was very much put to the sword of controversy for being a foreign born politician she managed to keeps her position still beating all the allegations. Maybe her being not being an Indian is the reason behind her strong tenure. She is also the first foreign born to become associated with the national congress party after India gained her Independence.

Her early life was spent in a small village in Veneto along with parents Stefano and Paola Maino. She led a simple childhood as his father had a small business in the construction world and she went to a convent school to acquire her education. It is in the year of 1965 that she met with Rajiv Gandhi at a Greek restaurant in London. She was enrolled in a language school of London for studying English and he attended the Trinity College at Cambridge. Soon after their meet they decided to tie the knot and finally did so after 3 years and she shifted to the premise of Indira Gandhi who was her Mother in Law. She never dreamed of becoming involved in the family of politics as they were leading a happy life with Rajiv working as a pilot and she was his homemaker. But the assassination of Indira Gandhi forced her to take a step towards making the just rule the country. She is blessed with two children namely Rajiv Gandhi and Priyanka Yadav. She had to sacrifice her Italian nationality until the year of 1992 when the law allowed a person to have two nationalities at a time. But after attaining the citizenship of Italy she automatically lost her right to her birthplace. She even refused to take her husband’s position of becoming the prime minister of India when Rajiv Gandhi was brutally assassinated. But she had to take the responsibility of the party when the fortune seekers started draining the wealth of her husband’s hardworking. She became the leader of the Congress Party in the year of 1997. Since that day she is the hot topic of politics till date recording her name in the history of Indian being of foreign birth.

She is also very well marked for her sense of fashion. She received the recognition of being the best dressed parent over the age of 50 in many magazines. She has also received plenty of recognitions and honors in these recent years. She attains the rank of being the most powerful woman in the list of the Forbes magazine. She also got her name pinned down in the list for being one of the 100 most influential people on the planet right now.

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