Assam: No govt job for those with more than 2 children, says draft population policy

Ours is a developing nation. It is in phase of development and has been facing serious social, economic and political issues since independence. But, the great spirit and zeal to fight back has always been there. We have been successful in overcoming most of the challenges that obstructed our way to development.

We are still trying to resolve few social issues to improve the quality of life of every citizen. Two issues that we need to concentrate at this time are: Population and education. We have a great need to control the rate at which the population is increasing. We will be the most populated country of this world within coming few years if the rate is not lowered.

Government of our country and individual states are modifying their policies to address this issue. The Assam government has taken a big step in this direction. It has declared that people who have more than two children will not be eligible for the government job. If a person gets government job, he/she will have to maintain that criteria as long as he/she is serving. And, also it has declared that it will work out few measures to provide free education to girls till graduation.

By doing so, Assam government has addressed the two most prominent challenges that are hampering our country’s development. In this way, the state’s population will be in control and the girls will also get the chance to study and get educated. This will empower the girls and will make them capable of surviving independently. Also, poor families will not find it a burden to get their girl educated as there is no fee on education.

Great job done by Assam government


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