Play the game alone | The illuminated night

Play the game alone…

Nothing ever remains the same
For this life is a game
You have to keep playing it
Day and night doing your bit Sometimes you will be on a high
Sometimes your own will make you cry
Always in a spin
Some days you may lose; Some days you win
But if you ever stop you are out
But on your own capabilities why do you always doubt?
In this game of life many a players will play with you
But some may abandon midway; some will hold your hands like friend true
Some will always remain like strangers; some may become known
But, essentially ,this game is entirely yours alone
So, O’ my sister dear
Believe in yourself; Have no fear

By Anu Saini

The illuminated night…

As the night wore the mantle of darkness
Enveloping the sky in its vastness Many footsteps forged ahead
Dancing in a zigzag tread
Prattling and giggling
Twinkling and glittering
shimmering happily in the sky
The stars positioned themselves, beckoning high
The moon followed, left not far behind
Smiling gently with a cool mind Sprinkling it’s pearly moon dust
Scattered on its crust
It vanquished the gloomy blackness of the dark
Besotted, the night felt an electrifying spark
As the darkness took a sudden flight
The sky glistened in the silvery moonlight
The illuminated night became beautiful and bright
Oh! What a wonderful sight

By Anu Saini


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