Fingers crossed till 11th March 2017 – what does exit polls say?

Fingers crossed till 11th March 2017 – what does exit polls say?

Recently, assembly elections were conducted in 5 states: UP, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa. Results are about to be declared on 11th March 2017. All the leading political parties are keeping a sharp eye on exit polls.

Now only 24 hours are left for the final verdict. Let us have look on what exit polls say.

Uttar Pradesh:
In UP, BJP is predicted to be the single party gaining the majority of seats. Most of the polls predicted that BJP is taking the lead with more than 208 seats out of 403 in UP Assembly elections. SP and INC are nowhere close to BJP in UP. SP and INC together show total of around 88 seats.

Here also BJP is leading as predicted by most of the polls. Here BJP is supposed to get around 53 seats, whereas, INC is still at 15.

BJP is also leading in Goa. In Goa, polls say that BJP is in between 15-21, whereas AAP and INC have managed to get 4 and 13 seats respectively.

Punjab is seeing a great fight between AAP and INC. BJP is nowhere in scene in Punjab. Polls predict that till yesterday INC and AAP were at tie with 54 seats, whereas BJP could only manage 9 seats. Chances are more for the success of AAP in Punjab.

In Manipur, there is mixed response for BJP and INC. Nothing could be said clearly as per the exit polls results.

Various exit polls are active right now, such as, India TV, News24, India Today, India News, Times Now, etc. Exit polls are predicting that in Punjab, the SAD-BJP alliance is not getting any response and there are chances that they could face a major defeat in

However, the figures are continuously changing in Uttarakhand and Goa. Most of the polls predict that these two seats may have CMs from BJP. However, there is descent fight from INC as the difference in the seats is not much. So, unlike UP, here nothing can be said for sure about BJP and INC. same is the case with Manipur as well.
So everyone is praying and waiting for the D-day, that is 11th March 2017, when their fate will be decided. All the leading political parties are in the race and let us see what the public of these states have decided for them.

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